Barbie Video Game Hero Collection & Fairy Rainbow Fashion Doll Unboxing Review

Barbie Video Game Hero Collection & Fairy Rainbow Fashion Doll Unboxing Review

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Barbie™ Video Game Hero™ Junior Costar Vinyl Ken Doll
Inspired by the movie Barbie™ Video Game Hero, these adorable characters have stepped out of the 2D world and into 3D cuteness. Six key characters from the movie are represented in adorable 2D-gaming style! Each doll comes with a doll stand for easy display to enhance collectability.

Barbie Video Game Hero Doll – Multi Color Hair
Barbie Video Game Hero Pink Eyeglasses Doll
Inspired by the upcoming movie Barbie Video Game Hero, these two anime characters look they stepped out of the film! The two character dolls help bring the movie to life with brightly colored outfits, multi-colored hair and ultra-cool accessories.

Barbie Fairy Rainbow Fashion Doll
This wonderfully colorful fairy doll with rainbow-decorated wings is ready to soar into imagination because with Barbie, you can be anything! Inspired by her rainbow fairytale kingdom, Barbie fairy doll is completely colorful with rainbow beads on her pink bodice, rainbow stripes on her fairy skirt and rainbow-themed wings. A cute pair of shoes and a removable matching hairpiece for her blue fairy hairstyle complete the magical look. Tell all kinds of tales with this gorgeous fairy doll, and collect all of the Barbie fairytale dolls to expand the storytelling fun (each sold separately, subject to availability). Includes fairy doll with wings, skirt, shoes and headpiece. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

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  1. José Cleonylson
    José Cleonylson 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Love the video ♥

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  2. Dolls Brand-New Look
    Dolls Brand-New Look 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Me like 😉 you are so funny ^^

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  3. SquirrelStampede
    SquirrelStampede 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Fun as always!

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  4. Catlina Dances
    Catlina Dances 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Those are so cute. I'd love to steal t he Pink-girls head and put it on an articulate body.. Thanks for another great Review 🙂

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  5. gilau
    gilau 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    queste barbie sono sempre più rigide

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  6. quitaulla 1
    quitaulla 1 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Jajajaja, She couldn't"t resist and had to pinch! I like these dolls because are anime plus I love the colors.

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  7. Beep Naw
    Beep Naw 11 June, 2017, 16:10
  8. Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth
    Carlos Sebastian necrotic goth 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    The last part 😂💙

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  9. andiyoshi toy reviews
    andiyoshi toy reviews 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Yay more toohunky doll reviews! The little Ken is too cute. I just wish they would be full articulated like the My little Pony minis. A big lol for the end ^^ Bad fairy!!! 😄

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  10. Farrah Lily
    Farrah Lily 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Haha, love the skit at the end 👍😅

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  11. Figment Of Imagination
    Figment Of Imagination 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    We are a Barbie loving family so we visually enjoyed this line!

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  12. Robert Fernando Santos da Silva
    Robert Fernando Santos da Silva 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    legal irado

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  13. Lena Smith
    Lena Smith 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    your video's are always interesting! Also lots of fun. I love your Barbie's. The pink and blue colors. Their hair style.

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  14. Benedict Bartolome
    Benedict Bartolome 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Quintessential man! Haha! That was great 🙂 love the thinking pose alternative look you found. He's a real spiffy, stylized figure. His lips are rather pink tho, hehe. He's been kissing someone, mwah, mwah!

    Your extras were actually more than your main review, hehe. Pretty girls. Hope one of them doesn't call you out for comparing her skirt to kitchen tablecloth 🙂 Kidding 🙂 The foot comparison was shocking! Yikes! At least you can pretend the fairy has small feet cuz she prefers flying over walking, hehe.

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  15. Josi Lauren
    Josi Lauren 11 June, 2017, 16:10

    Really Nice colorful Doll 👍

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