Beauty Heroes June 2017: Honua Skincare | Jenn Rogers

Beauty Heroes June 2017: Honua Skincare | Jenn Rogers

Hi! Today’s video showcases my thoughts on June’s Beauty Heroes selection feat. the brand Honua Skincare. Unfortunately these beautiful products didn’t work out for me and I’m so bummed, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s selection!

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Hi, I’m Jenn! Korean-American from New York, currently living in Seoul, Korea. Brandon is my husband and you’ll see him often in my vlogs 🙂

I LOVE beauty products, but have really sensitive skin, and my reviews are filtered through that lens. I’m also constantly experimenting with new things (whether that’s product-related or lifestyle-related) and keeping it real here.

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Beauty Heroes sent me this selection for review, and all opinions are my own. If you sign up to join Beauty Heroes with my link, I do make a small profit that helps keep the lights on around here. Just kidding about the lights, I use all of my earnings to buy miniature things. Thanks so much for your support 🙂

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  1. Lelik Atkinsonova
    Lelik Atkinsonova 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    It so sad if you allergic to noni extract, because it such powerful ingredient and not so many brands include this ingredient in their product. My skin personally loves noni, I know that because I tried quite a few products from Miranda Kerr line and she uses this extract in all her skincare and I think it even the whole reason why she started skincare brand is because she couldn't find noni in any other skincare brands.
    I personally think oil Olena is a little too heavy for summer so I use only few drops and mix it with night moisturizer

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  2. Beauty Heroes®
    Beauty Heroes® 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    Thank you so much for sharing +Jenn Rogers – and thanks for sharing Honua with Brandon, We Are All Beauty Heroes.

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  3. Makeup Puzzle
    Makeup Puzzle 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    You are just so genuine and I really appreciate your honesty. I signed up to beautyheros because of you and have loved every product I received. I have since unsubscribe because I had too many to use up. I'm kind of glad I missed these products because my skin is ultra sensitive like yours. I plan to sign up again once all my stash is used up 😀 also side husband story, he walked by and saw your video on and said 'oh it's the good one' haha he cracks me up with his comments on my youtubers.

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  4. Amy Kleine
    Amy Kleine 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    I really appreciate your honest review. It gives you more credibility when you don't sing the praises of every single product. I just received the Honua products and I am not opening them yet because I have so many other face products to use first. I will give them a test run as you did and I'll see how they do.

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  5. And The Color Green
    And The Color Green 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    HI friend! Do we have a move to Hawaii date yet?!!! Thank you for your honesty! Noni is a very powerful fruit!

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  6. Cambiumlayer 13
    Cambiumlayer 13 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    In spirit of beautiful Hawaii which I have never been enjoy this video.

    As for hormonal acne, I have found my solution: Water in the morning everyday to dilute the excess sebum accumulation, don't touch the face ever unless you have a white head. In this case, use alcohol on a cu-tip to clean the pimple area only, Tea tree oil diluted with Jojoba at bedtime, change pillow case more often than usual & exercise which I started to do more consistently.
    An Indian stranger with the most glowy & beautiful skin I have ever seen in my life told me about the water in the morning long ago (something so simple), but I never quite stuck it out. He said to do it for one month…I plan to do it for a lifetime. It may get worse before it's better (I did not experience this). My skin is better & better each day. I hope you give it a try Jenn.
    Quote of the day for inspiration:
    " I make myself rich by making my wants few"
    By: Henry David Thoreau

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  7. Booskidooski
    Booskidooski 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    Hey Jenn. I'm a huge fan of your long chats and in depth product reviews. Sorry to hear about your experience with these products, but appreciate the honesty, I think it would be awesome if you shared your ring collection. From what I saw in the b-roll footage, we have very similar styles and would love to know where you got them from. Keep up the great work!

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  8. Wendy Nemer Coleman
    Wendy Nemer Coleman 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    Thank you for such a great honest review!! I am glad Brandon is getting use of theses fabulous products!

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  9. Romelyn Diaz
    Romelyn Diaz 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    im from awaii we smile at people we dont know its just normal. i remember first time traveling to the mainland – i did the same and people would give me dirty looks it made me feel so bad i felt like why are people so grouchy and rude lol but realized not all cultures are the same. we have an "ohana" family culture here – youll inherit alot of aunties and uncles even if your not related 😊

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  10. greenjewelbeautea 1
    greenjewelbeautea 1 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    Great review hun! Also wanted to let you know I ordered the riddle oil original thanks to your recs and I'm totally loving it! I love layering other scents on top of it or just wearing it alone. Thank you!! I had been looking to build my natural perfume collection☺

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  11. canuckgal
    canuckgal 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    Maybe you could use these products on your throat and décolleté your reactions are restricted to your face.

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  12. doodlebug
    doodlebug 5 June, 2017, 08:20

    That sucks! Going to be careful when trying out these products. I do know that vitamin C can initially cause breakouts and there are several reasons for it.

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