Behind the Scenes with Flora Mare Skincare – Introducing Wrinkle Filler

Behind the Scenes with Flora Mare Skincare – Introducing Wrinkle Filler

We caught Axel in the dressing room at TVSN for a quick chat about one of Flora Mare’s best selling skincare products, the 4Ever Young Wrinkle Filler.

Flora Mare is the new maritime premium cosmetic. In cooperation with international researchers and scientists, Axel Ruth has developed a unique cosmetic brand. On the ocean bed of the Atlantic and at the coast of Brittany plants with a high-class potential for beauty care grow and prosper. The maritime plants must adapt to the changeful conditions at the coast of Brittany and therefore have developed special protective functions against sun exposure, drainage, rough winds and cold weather. In an innovative way this now can be transferred directly onto your skin. The patent-pending Platinum-Mare-Complex is processed in every Flora Mare anti-aging product. The innovative complex covers the most important anti-aging tasks.

4Ever Young is an innovative wrinkle filler with instant and long term effect. Directly after applying the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and even large pores seems to diminish. Used regularly it can optically minimize wrinkles.

Learn more about the incredible Flora Mare range by tuning in to our shows with Axel. You can also find more information on our website at or ( in New Zealand).

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