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The Best and Worst Plus SIze Jeans! Today I’m reviewing five brands of plus size jeans and jeggings: Torrid, Fashion to Figure, Asos Curve, Lysse and my new Favorite RWN.In the world of plus size fashion, finding a great pair of jeans it second only to the quest for the holy grail! In this try on haul I’m sharing advice on what to look for and how to dress for your shape. My Body is sort of a hourglass/pear/apple hybrid, so finding those perfect jeans can be a challenge!

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Sarah Anne

Asos Curve Ridley –
Fashion To Figure –
Torrid 3 Button
Lysse Jeggings
RWN Curvy Skinny Jeans

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  1. Penny Boyle
    Penny Boyle 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    What camera and lens do you use? This video quality is amazing!!

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  2. Nicola Beer
    Nicola Beer 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Great video. I'm an average sized girl. 5'2" and a U.S size 8. I'm generally an hourglass. You would think this would make it easy to buy jeans. No. Leg prisons in general are a nightmare. They make my arse and legs look stumpy and weird. I've totally given up. Xx

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  3. Caroline Serrano
    Caroline Serrano 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I'm still so nervous to order jeans online. I'll make a trip to torrid!~ I havent had jeans since high school! (2009-12)

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  4. martha vazquez
    martha vazquez 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    have you tried rue21 plus size line there jeans are actually pretty comfortable and have the ankle hugging leg

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  5. Steve C
    Steve C 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Beautiful lady!

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  6. Sassy Cat
    Sassy Cat 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    How much is that doggie in the window? The one with the waggily tail. woof woof @ 6:36

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  7. Torii Mone
    Torii Mone 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Very informative 🙂

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  8. Jennifer Kenney
    Jennifer Kenney 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Have you tried JLO jeggings from Kohl's? I love them! If you are shorter then 5'10 try the regular length. These are my go to pants!

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  9. Anonymous
    Anonymous 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Can I just say, your hair color is fading so, so beautifully. I'm loving that sea glass color at your roots. Gorgeous!

    (Love the video too, obvs!)

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  10. NuEqualsLambdaEf
    NuEqualsLambdaEf 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I forget how tall you are…do you have to buy short legged or long legged jeans, or do the "normal" ones work for you?

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  11. Rachel Kacsmark
    Rachel Kacsmark 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Maurices 😀 they're amazing.

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  12. Amy R
    Amy R 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    YEEESSSS! Whenever I wear spanx I end up with a stomach ache…EVERY TIME!!!

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  13. Jenn B.
    Jenn B. 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I'm a boot cut girl 100%. I loved when bell bottoms were back in fashion.
    I get probably about 90% of my clothing from a chain store called Cato. Their clearance racks are my go-to for everything'

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  14. Beka Garens
    Beka Garens 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Oh Torrid, you're so Horrid…. I hate Torrid jeans. They don't fit me right at all. I love Lane Bryant jeans, but only certain styles. Those RWN jeans are awesome, but coughs at the price. Why does good plus size fashion have to cost so much?

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  15. mango smoothie
    mango smoothie 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    You need a reg leg jean andMid rise with stretch in them

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  16. gonevidder
    gonevidder 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Omg please do one for shorts I got shorts from torrid and I was so disappointed

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  17. Raccoon Eyes
    Raccoon Eyes 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I gained some weight in my thighs and ass.. and Jennifer Lopez jeans are the only jeans that fit my crazy shape. They are expensive but worth it, they wash well and hold their shape. The are also soft too. But I had to size up on dark and black jeans in my normal size. for some reason they are really tight.

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  18. Kerri Vincent
    Kerri Vincent 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I REALLLLLLYYY REALLY like your hair right now. I wish I could pull this off but I'm afraid it'll ruin my hair. I used to color my hair all diff colors years ago and I had super long hair and it hasn't been long since bcuz of the bleaching so I'm very afraid

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  19. dalia al juboori
    dalia al juboori 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Great subject as always 👍🏻 I wish you can review Melissa MacCarthy seven fashion line, I like the style but there's always a bad reviews on the website so I haven't tried them yet! Thank you 😊

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  20. Lucy Fair
    Lucy Fair 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Thank you for being this honest and revealing yourself this way. I had a really shitty day and your video made me smile and proud. Thank you☺ you made me feel beautiful.

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  21. Jennifer
    Jennifer 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    AE makes some of the best jeggings I have ever worn!  They make your butt look great and legs slimmer!

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  22. theyasmeister
    theyasmeister 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    This was beyond helpful as well as thoughtful, and a joy to watch! I have a pretty big wish list in terms of jeans brands. HSN and QVC both have what they market as plus size friendly jeans (Diane Gilman, Melissa McCarthy, Women with Control) I'm also curious about ebay's relatively new plus size section that includes jeans. So I would be super curious about all of the above 🙂 Definitely checking out RWN!

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  23. ashley b
    ashley b 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I call my body type fruit cocktail/salad/mixed fruit bc I can't nail down my shape either. Just makes shopping more fun!

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  24. Jennifer Krebs
    Jennifer Krebs 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I would love a video like this about shorts. I have the hardest time finding a pair of plus size shorts that isn't a Bermuda short, but also isn't just a pair of glorified denim panties. I just want something to hit about mid-thigh and look good.

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  25. Amanda Richardson
    Amanda Richardson 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I'm not a fan of a wide waist band but City Chic jeans all seem to have that, you may want to try them if you haven't yet. I love their other items but the wide waist band jeans don't work on me.

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  26. Ree D
    Ree D 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I actually like the plus size jeans from forever 21 they are the only jean I own. I use to spend tons of money on the torrid ones and I would have the problem of getting holes in the thigh area, but I have never had that problem with the F21 jeans I've had a few pairs and they have lasted YEARS!

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  27. Jane McLernon
    Jane McLernon 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    That third piece of fabric on the side of your favourite jeans is called a 'gusset'. 😀 They look amazing!

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  28. Jill L.
    Jill L. 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    yessss!!!! thank you!!! i am so frustrated with trying to find the right jeans and i just can't afford to keep buying cheap ones that won't last and don't fit right to begin with! this is a real life save!

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  29. DamnMyDude
    DamnMyDude 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    I work for Torrid and wear the same exact jeggings you do Cora! Same size and everything!!

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  30. Steph Kuehn
    Steph Kuehn 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Pretty much the only jeans I buy now are the a.n.a. skinny plus size jeans from JCPenney. It's either that or leggings lol

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  31. lestrange
    lestrange 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    This might be useful to someone. I just bought some jeggings at Avenue, and they were on clearance for $16.99! They are called "Virtual stretch legging" but they are denim and they have real jeans style pockets that open in both the front and back. So to me that's a jegging.
    Nice high rise covers all the stuff, medium wash with slight distressing (not rips, just faded areas). Unfortunately the ankles are not super tight , they fit almost more like a skinny jean than a real jegging, but they are super comfortable and they come in short, average and tall. and you can't beat $17 dollars! (they were originally $60.)

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  32. Nicole Norman
    Nicole Norman 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Your honesty is amazing. Thanks for keeping it real. Amazing! Thank you for sharing.

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  33. zippyspring
    zippyspring 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Thanks Cora! This is extremely helpful for me. And, if possible, can you do a makeup tutorial for this look? Fire!!

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  34. Candice Kelly
    Candice Kelly 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Hey Cora! Love the video as always! Which pair are the RWN dark denim ones with the cool side seams? I don't see them….but I need them in my life! 😍

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  35. Samantha The Genuinely Hangry Blogger
    Samantha The Genuinely Hangry Blogger 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Love the realist comment!

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  36. Samantha The Genuinely Hangry Blogger
    Samantha The Genuinely Hangry Blogger 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Love the realist comment!

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  37. Katelyn Cottrill
    Katelyn Cottrill 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Girl what even is your current hair color. Every video is different! Lol. Love it.

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  38. Beauty Bleeds Makeup
    Beauty Bleeds Makeup 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    YASSS!! Please do more pant videos. I'm a huge fan of jeans but its a bitch to find ones that fit my hourglass figure and that fit comfortably over my muscley thighs. i wear a 12/14 which is in-between the "normal" sizes and the plus sizes so things are usually too tight or too big. HELP!

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  39. Lindsay Rasor
    Lindsay Rasor 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    You're wonderful!

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  40. Tayler Ramirez
    Tayler Ramirez 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    CORA!!! more fashion videos 🙂

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  41. Kelsey McMullen
    Kelsey McMullen 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    How tall are you? My number one issue with finding good jeans is length! My second issue is finding jeans that flatter my belly, especially since I don't really like high-waisted pants. I'm definitely an apple shape too, and I'm usually finding jeans that are looser in the hips/thighs, but dig into my belly. The most flattering and comfortable style I've found so far are Torrid Skinny jeans in tall or extra tall. However, Torrid's jeggings are NOT for me! Since I have a bigger belly and narrow hips, they slide right down. I couldn't size down either or they wouldn't have fit at all. I like the wider waistband on them and they were pretty comfortable, but they just weren't practical.

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  42. Nilbog
    Nilbog 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    Cora do you mind telling me what size bed you have? I'm moving soon and our new room is tiny. I know you've done of work on your bedroom with the space.

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  43. Hailey Todd
    Hailey Todd 15 June, 2017, 16:52

    OMG I totally identify with the inner thighs of jeans wearing out!!! It seems I can't get any jeans to last more than a year! So happy you found some that do 🙂

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