Chinese First Lady Visits US Art School

Chinese First Lady Visits US Art School

Peng Liyuan, wife of Chinese President Xi Jinping, on Friday visited an art school in the southeastern U.S. coastal town of Palm Beach accompanied by U.S. First Lady Melania Trump.

At the Bak Middle School of the Arts, Peng visited different classrooms, watched performances by students and talked with them. She also joined a class about politics and economics, answered a question from a student reporter about her connection with arts, and was presented with a student’s painting as souvenir.

Noting that China and the United States should enhance communication and cooperation in the area of arts, Peng said she hopes that teachers and students of the Bak Middle School of the Arts will make greater contribution to strengthening bilateral ties and friendship through education and arts.

Peng is in Palm Beach with Xi for the Chinese president’s first meeting with his U.S. counterpart, Donald Trump. The two leaders agreed that the meeting, held at the seaside Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida, was “positive and fruitful”.!language=1

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  1. Tungsten Wu
    Tungsten Wu 17 April, 2017, 21:25


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  2. Thomas Betz
    Thomas Betz 17 April, 2017, 21:25
  3. Knight Girl
    Knight Girl 17 April, 2017, 21:25

    I like how they reported this story because they actually say everything instead just saying "They visited a civics class and a girls chorus and apparently some students interviewed them". It was very well done compared to other ones. It was kind of like the Washington Post one but I like this one a bit more.

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  4. George Little
    George Little 17 April, 2017, 21:25

    Entering in the belly of the beast

    China and Russia genocided their ppl, still grabbing lands, they just can't stop thriving for domination and getting richer by corruption.

    Only heartless low EQ leaders can genocide their ppl for total obidience

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