Cosmetics and personal care spending soars

Cosmetics and personal care spending soars

They say beauty  belongs to the eyes of the beholder- and its no wonder that  lotions, perfumes, hair care products and other cosmetics are a must have commodity for many Kenyans today.  
According to a 2011 research by euro-monitor international,  the  beauty industry is estimated to be worth 2.6 billion shillings.
Findings from the study indicate that most women are obsessed with the physical perfection  they  hope to derive from the beauty  products they use.

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  1. Jamleck Njoroge
    Jamleck Njoroge 27 May, 2017, 00:10

    It's okay but be responsible

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  2. B M
    B M 27 May, 2017, 00:10

    Thanks to the person who invented bras, they make fallen soldiers look like new recruits….😂😂😂

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  3. Collins Mwangi
    Collins Mwangi 27 May, 2017, 00:10
  4. Tanisha Tressy
    Tanisha Tressy 27 May, 2017, 00:10

    Where is thiz shop????

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