Demystifying Digital Medium Format – PhaseOne

Demystifying Digital Medium Format – PhaseOne

Lucas Passmore stops by the LA office of Digital Transitions to for an in depth review of Medium Format camera systems.

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  1. Valdormar
    Valdormar 1 July, 2017, 02:15

    What about the Atlanta office. Is that gone?

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  2. Alistair Tutton
    Alistair Tutton 1 July, 2017, 02:15

    Missed out mentioning the resale value on the camera – part of the beauty is that you can still have 50%+ of the value of the camera body and back and lenses when you come to trade in. And you trade in with the dealer – no eBay nonsense.

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  3. eric4758
    eric4758 1 July, 2017, 02:15

    No trouble with listening to audio.

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  4. J.D. Floyd
    J.D. Floyd 1 July, 2017, 02:15

    I am a Phase One user, and a Breed workshop guy – Phase One is the system for me. However, my only complaint about the video is the use of the word "bokeh". The professional world needs to stop using "bokeh", it is the buzz word for amateurs attempting to sound professional.

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  5. Richard Rollinson - My Analog Life
    Richard Rollinson - My Analog Life 1 July, 2017, 02:15

    Great content and great subject matter, but please forgive me I had to stop watching as even with headphones on I couldn't make out the audio very well 🙁

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