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Direct Link to lace wig: http://www.divaswigs.com/1600-straight-ombre-color-human-hair-full-lace-wig-sst028.html

Wig Details:
Price: $483.00 (R6483.00)
Hair type: 100% Brazilian virgin hair
Item code: sst028
Hair length: 22 inches
Hair density: 150%
Lace colour: Medium brown
Cap construction: Glueless lace cap
Cap size: Average

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WIG CARE ROUTINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdZvyVwmsbo&t=4s

HALO GREEN EYE MAKEUP TUTORIAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOfRKr5ZIis&t=37s

FLAWLESS FOUNDATION ROUTINE : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NkR0tVdooA


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  1. Gugu Shabalala
    Gugu Shabalala 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    Please do a tut on this make-up look. It's so pretty and especially now that it's autumn.

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  2. Davine Johnson
    Davine Johnson 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    So pretty…I'm inlove with the wig

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  3. Nikita Fortein
    Nikita Fortein 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    the slay is you …. loving this

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  4. All Things Feminine
    All Things Feminine 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    You look great and the colour suits you girl.

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  5. Sindy Niso
    Sindy Niso 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    Can we please have a Fashion Haul!!

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  6. Babalwa Luyaba
    Babalwa Luyaba 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    Oh my goodness you look so beautiful 😍😭😍😍khandiphe lo wig😍😍it looks so good on you my love

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  7. Thakane Africa
    Thakane Africa 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    YOu are perfect!

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  8. Susan Okello
    Susan Okello 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    I'm just waiting for the make up tutorial

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  9. Tumelo M
    Tumelo M 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    Hey babe,please do an updated skin care routine😭😭😭

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  10. riham mustafa
    riham mustafa 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    subscribe to my channel please !!

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  11. Nicole Makhambeni
    Nicole Makhambeni 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    PLEASE DON'T CUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  12. Lizy Msibi
    Lizy Msibi 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    I am here for your tongue out face and you flapping your eye lashes when you say something cheesy. Such a beauty cant wait for that make up tutorial

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  13. Its A Girazi Thang
    Its A Girazi Thang 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    so pwwwweeeeetttyyy
    i love this look


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  14. Di Everyday
    Di Everyday 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    Wanna check my new vid?

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  15. Rosalyn V Samura
    Rosalyn V Samura 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    Hey gurl, you should do a story time xxx, love from The Netherlands πŸ’‹πŸ˜½

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  16. lynesse mgagula
    lynesse mgagula 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    I absolutely love this look! This colour complements your skin tone. Can't wait for the makeup tutorial!

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  17. Athabile Koswana
    Athabile Koswana 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    I never miss your videos

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  18. Athabile Koswana
    Athabile Koswana 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    notification gang😍😍😍😍😍

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  19. Eurasia Love
    Eurasia Love 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    omgosh finally uploaded. thanks Mimi 😘

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  20. Wendyloveduma
    Wendyloveduma 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    It's $458 (22") and not $268 am I using the wrong link or choosing the wrong product? Please correct if I'm wrong..

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  21. jaqueline pillay
    jaqueline pillay 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    You look GORGEOUS! Does anyone else like Mimi's videos before actually watching it because you know it will be good

    Btw I'm watching this video even though I don't wear wigs lol

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  22. phiwakahle ngubane
    phiwakahle ngubane 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    lmao "omg she couldnt afford an extra bundle"

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  23. Nia Hauwah Mchesuka
    Nia Hauwah Mchesuka 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    The slay is just too much! 😣

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  24. sanelisiwe Makhanya
    sanelisiwe Makhanya 20 April, 2017, 13:47

    That Lace wig is everything,facebeat on πŸ’― ….

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