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Here are my empties from the month of April ’17. If you want more info on a product, comment below and I’ll send it your way!

I absolutely LOVE watching empties videos, so I am obsessed with making them myself! Let me know in the comments if you make empties videos…I would LOVE to watch! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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**All these products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated in this video. These are my true honest thought and opinions about the products mentioned**

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  1. Shanon Isbell
    Shanon Isbell 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    great review have you ever try excedrin migraine? thats what i take for mine. But I do use bc arthritis like you said it taste nasty but it works for pain

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  2. Running Kimono
    Running Kimono 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I too love the smell of apples—- so fresh ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Lauren R
    Lauren R 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    As usual, love your videos Nicole. Dawn is a GREAT product, and good advice for the laundry! Also wanted to tell you that as of 2 months ago I started using a make-up setting spray. Before that I never did, but I've been doing so much research on skin care and make-up–watching all the tutorials, reading hundreds of reviews, etc. and decided to to go with e.l.f. and I think it's great! Once I find I a very good product that I like, I tend to stick with it, so just giving you feedback on that. Thanks again Nic, and always you are a doll! Luv ya…<3

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  4. ufcfan
    ufcfan 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    just FYI Bath & Body Works will replace your candle if there's any defects and I believe they'll even replace it if you don't like the scent.

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  5. Jessica G.
    Jessica G. 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    The Nyx Setting Spray and Wet N Wild one are good as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh! I also make empties videos. I've only done 2 so far since I'm still fairly new to youtube. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Lori's Lifestyle
    Lori's Lifestyle 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Here I am again…who do I need to contact about doing the donation collaboration this Saturday???

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  7. Suzanna Boyd
    Suzanna Boyd 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Love empties videos! Natural instincts is great, easy to use and super cheap with coupons. Target brand dusters are pretty good as an alternative to Swiffer.

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  8. Caroline Nguyen
    Caroline Nguyen 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    great haul thanks for sharing your April's empties!

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  9. Teresa De Wolfe
    Teresa De Wolfe 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Great review, thanks for sharing.

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  10. Philomena Kyle
    Philomena Kyle 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Maybe you can switch up spray nozzles on the hard candy primer sprays….

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  11. Maria Madeza
    Maria Madeza 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    The NYX and Milani sprays are great. I have to try the elf one.

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  12. Ana v
    Ana v 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Thumbs up!! TFS

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  13. Lori's Lifestyle
    Lori's Lifestyle 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Another great one!!!
    What color do you shoot for normally with hair color? There's a good reason I'm asking.
    BTW: package is going out tomorrow or Saturday. If you need more time it's fine, just let me know.
    Hugs my friend,
    P.S. How do you like the channel name change?

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  14. momof4nicole
    momof4nicole 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    great empties!

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  15. Sassy Danni
    Sassy Danni 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I just finished Vanilla Snowflake too!:-) It was my last bbw hand soap in my stash until the next semi annual sale. I loved the Black Cherry Merlot hand soap- bummer about the candle.
    We use Dawn in the laundry too!
    I like Wet N Wild's setting spray- it really holds your make up on. The Elf one was just ok for me. The sprayer left spots in my makeup so I put it in another bottle and it was better but not my favorite. I hope it works out for you if you try it.
    I just got the wnw spray at Walgreens for 2.00 with coupons.
    I will say Elf primers are awesome if you use make up primers. ๐Ÿ‘
    Great video! Looking forward to May empties!

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  16. Jude Marchant
    Jude Marchant 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Wow! Dawn for stains, duh! I love it for bathroom cleaning too. It leaves your porcelain shiny and bright white:)

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  17. whatjenren peterson
    whatjenren peterson 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    When is the sale usually start for bath and body works?

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  18. Melisa Moreland
    Melisa Moreland 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Thanks for sharing. it helps having other ppls opinions on products. but I love the vanilla snowflake

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  19. LemonadeMom
    LemonadeMom 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I definitely got a bad candle from Bath & Body Works :/ I am constantly having to pour it out. So glad you liked the candle!! Mark is the same way with deodorant ๐Ÿ˜‚

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  20. Vickie
    Vickie 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Thank you for heads up on Empties!! Whole blends my "favorite" shampoo!! Thanks to you, picked up more!! Your vids on couponing are a huge help!! (appreciate you)

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  21. Sandy Lira
    Sandy Lira 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    your hair looks different down but it looks great either way ๐Ÿ˜ I hope u enjoy your nice weekend yay no more work I get to see more of your videos yay!! lol I always wait to see them every day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ omg I can't stand vanilla stuff I more of a chocolate type of girl lol

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  22. Cheryl Poitra
    Cheryl Poitra 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I have been waiting for your empties & it pops up while I was in the er with my niece, she was in a car accident tonight. she's good, couple scratches. I waited till I got home to calm down while I watched. Great empties girl..

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  23. Angels Haven
    Angels Haven 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I enjoy listening to your empties! I want to try the bb products! Oh, i am so sorry i hvnt sent your coupons! i put them by the door resdy to go stamped n all. I asked my son to drop them off at po for me. He said he wld so next day when i see them gone i assumed he took them. Well, i found them this morning only bc my cat jumped up at my hand knocking a glass out of my hand n i had to get down in floor to wipe down the wall n i found tbe envelope under the table by the door. idk how it got there. prob the cat. i am gonna waste the stamp bc the envelope is now stained w tea and idk if some of coupons are expired. I will redo the envelope and put some others in it also i hv accumulated. I am so sorry! Many hugs girl!

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  24. Brittany Tollberg
    Brittany Tollberg 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I really love your empties.. Girl I'am impressed you finishing a BBW Fine mist!! I feel like I do not make a dent in mine! Thanks for this!

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  25. Melissa Lyn
    Melissa Lyn 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Do you keep the candle jars for DIYS, storage containers or just recycle it ?

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  26. Sara Reiniche
    Sara Reiniche 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    love the empties video. I'm not a fan of vanilla scents either. I'm out of birthday cookies too and so is dollar tree โ˜นโ˜นโ˜น you got me hooked. โ™ก

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  27. Jennifer Cassaday
    Jennifer Cassaday 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Can you switch out the spray top on the setting spray? Love empties!

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  28. Debra Robertson
    Debra Robertson 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Great video, hope you have a nice summer, see you in the next video.

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  29. Sharon Wise
    Sharon Wise 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    Love your empties! Woohoo! Last day of work! I tried that Whole Blends shampoo..loved it. Love the fresh linen scent always! I don't care for a vanilla scent either. Great empties! โ™ฅโ™ฅ

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  30. imaginecreate
    imaginecreate 30 May, 2017, 05:37

    I made it to the end! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for another great video!

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