Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peeling Scrub reviews & 1st impression

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Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peeling Scrub reviews & 1st impression

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Hey everyone,
I’m really curious about this scrub and i also drawn into the bright pink packaging. this line they also have the peeling gel, bubble wash, sleeping pack, and boosting serum. From the name, you can already guess that this entire line supposed to make your skin to be brighter, fresh and smoother. Somehow i’m drawn only to the scrub. I’m a little bit curious about the peeling gel too.

The peeling scrub mask makes skin look smooth and clear by providing dual dead skin care with effective scrub granules and AHA.

1. Double step dead skin cell care with powerful scrub particles and AHA.
2. The scrub particles effectively eliminate the skin waste, blackheads and sebum inside the pores.
3. Apply right after a face washing.
4. The cream type base presents a moist feeling without tension.

How to use
1. After a face washing, apply it onto the entire face except around your eyes and mouth.
2. Gently roll it from the inside of your face toward outside.
3. Wash if off with lukewarm water.

Okay, I going to tear this open and I already have put it into the small container.

So here we go, onto the review!
I like the bright colored packaging, it’s nice.

It’s white coloured cream, despite there’s berry in the name, but it smells nothing like berry. It has light artificial perfumy smell, not bothering me at all and disappear quickly right after you rinse it off, but if you very sensitive to smell, maybe you can pass on this because this definitely use fragrance in it.

The texture is grainy, slightly bigger than clarins gentle refiner, but this more mild. It gives you nice refreshing effect while you scrub your face with it, i think the fragrance have a part in it.

I feel that this scrub is effective to lift the dead skin cells, because after wash my face with cleanser and using this scrub right after, then i use the Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear Pad with a cotton pad, all the dead skin cells lifted up onto the cotton pad, unlike other days when i’m not using this scrub, the dead skin cells not showing up much on the cotton pad. And it also gives me slight brightening effect right after i scrub my face, but not permanently. So far it didn’t irritate my skin or make my skin’s freaked out. Need to see the long term effect though.

Conclusion :
Name : Etude House Berry AHA! Bright Peel Perfect Scrub
Origin : Korea

Pros : great for lifting dead skin cells, gives you slight brightening effect, refreshing, nice bright packaging
Cons : so far i have nothing to complaint

Ratings : 4.9/8


Lots of love,
Xin Ying

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