Fashion Designer Son Of Ladies Tailor Movie Review | Sumanth ashwin | Vamshi | Maruthi talkies |Mr.B

Fashion Designer Son Of Ladies Tailor Movie Review | Sumanth ashwin | Vamshi | Maruthi talkies |Mr.B

Fashion Designer Son Of Ladies Tailor Movie released and here is the Review. Sumanth is the male lead. Ace Telugu Director Vamsi directed this film. This film is remake of Ladies Tailor film.

Fashion Designer Son Of Ladies Tailor Movie Review by Maruthi Talkies Mr B.

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    Vamshi garu is my favourite Director from My Childhood. I like vamshi's Godavari Locations, Godavari Andalu, Godavari basha, Godavari Manushulu, Anni istam.. Songs making style chala baguntundi. Back ground music also. Nen movie inka chudaledu.. Movie chusaka me review tho cheskunta

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