Fashion Institute of Technology: my experience and review (first semester)

Fashion Institute of Technology: my experience and review (first semester)

Here is my review of my first semester at FIT! I hope this helps anyone looking to go to school here 😊

Please feel free to leave any questions below!

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  1. Quasar505
    Quasar505 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Thanks for sharing an honest, detailed review about the school! I once tutored an aspiring design student (how to write the admissions essay you mentioned, the SATs, the whole deal lol) and she ended up getting accepted to Parsons (and rejected by FIT…). She would have absolutely loved to hear reviews like this about her choice of schools at the time. I recently stumbled upon your videos and have been impressed by how detailed and informative your other product reviews are as well. Much prefer them to the big flashy production "review" videos filled with useless "I love this bag!"s. 😊 Thanks, and keep up the good work!

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  2. Sterling Ross
    Sterling Ross 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Where in VA are you from? I'm from Colonial Heights. Also, I just applied for FBM.

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  3. Lyn Baez
    Lyn Baez 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    I'm an FIT alumni. It was a good experience. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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  4. Lately Blogs
    Lately Blogs 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    What was you GPA in high school

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  5. Brianna Mai
    Brianna Mai 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Hi! I love your videos! Been watching for a while now.. I'm planning on applying to FIT (Starting for Fall 2017) Any advice? hopefully I can minor in some fashion stuff!

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  6. james washington
    james washington 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Thank you so much for all of your valuable information!

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  7. Marissa Rodriguez
    Marissa Rodriguez 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    I'm an incoming FBM major and this video just made me that much more excited! I've seen other experience videos, but they all seemed to have a bit of a negative undertone so it's relieving to hear someone say they genuinely love FIT. This was really helpful/insightful. πŸ™‚

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  8. Amy Nash
    Amy Nash 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Your awesome. I hope all your dreams come true. Business fashion is an awesome career choice. Your very smart. Xoxoxoxo

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  9. Sonia A
    Sonia A 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Thank you so much for this review! Its been one of the best ive heard yet! I want to go to FIT!

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  10. Julie Schmieder
    Julie Schmieder 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    I knew you probably went to fit! I had a few friends that went there. I went to sva. But I am old that was 2001-2005. Lol! Good luck in your future plans.?

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  11. Alyssa
    Alyssa 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Were you able to be exempt from taking certain classes due to AP courses taken in high school? For example, AP studio art, AP U.S. History, etc.

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  12. Julio Lopez
    Julio Lopez 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Quick question! What kind of classes/grades did you have in high school? I too am really worried about my grades breaking my chances of getting in.

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  13. Aji Mani
    Aji Mani 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    this is a really good review! and I like your nails πŸ™‚

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  14. Nelly Cerritos
    Nelly Cerritos 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    I rather think of debt as an investment for my career. Great review!

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  15. sanjidah!!
    sanjidah!! 26 June, 2017, 22:28


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  16. McKenna
    McKenna 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    This was such a great video to watch. I went to FIDM with full intentions of going only for the footwear design program. I had zero interest in apparel, and very few fashion schools offer programs that focus entirely on shoes. That's mainly why I ruled out FIT, because they offered an accessories program and I refused to also study jewelry and bags when I knew it wasn't an interest of mine. I have heard great things about the school, however…I will definitely be watching the other videos you have up!

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  17. Life.of.Key
    Life.of.Key 26 June, 2017, 22:28

    Congrats on pursuing your dreams!! I would love to be in New York and it's definitely the right spot for fashion. Great video, and hope everything works out!!

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