Fashion Jewels (Exclusive Interview with the Lady of the Coral Part II)

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Anna Mascolo (Zoe Mag) : The Milan Fashion Centre is the host of international and national celebrities and amongst them there is an extraordinary star in the jewelry world : Marilù Fernandez. Known around the world like La Signora del Corallo the Lady of the Coral, she communicates trough her jewelry collections, which are made up by/consists of fabulous creations with the perfume of the sea and the color of the sicily, and I have to say they are like sculptures,

The Lady of the Coral (Marilù Fernandez) : Yes, they are sculptured by the sea, like the the coral branch or the shell, with its waves which is like a dream to all.

Gabriele Fernandez: We have been inspired by the city Taormina and we wanted to celebrate it trough a collection called Les Etoiles and Ecorallo, les Etoiles are in gold set with onyx, coral and tourquise and other stones.
They are jewels full of creativity inspired by the Sicilian sky, a sky full of stars, and by the sky of fashion full of celebrities

Anna Mascolo : I was in Taormina for the opening of the jewels boutique,

And now the name of the Lady of the Coral (Marilù Fernandez) is going around the world and shortly in Milan,

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