FAT GUY REVIEWS: Fashion Stork May 2017

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My first Fashion Stork subscription box arrived today! Fashion Stork is a monthly mens fashion box that has 2-4 clothing items chosen by your personal stylist. Each box is $75 but if you buy your next box ahead of time you can get it for $49.

I’m doing it from a chubby guys perspective because I never see anyone that is a little heavy doing videos about clothing. So I’m trying these fashion boxes out to see if they will work for the average chub-ster, like me!

In the box I got a pair of shoes by Royal Shoes and a long sleeve button down shirt by Perry Ellis. The shoes aren’t my favorite but I think thats just because I don’t usually wear shoes with that pointy of toe. I’m willing to give it shot though. Same with the shirt, not something I would have picked out for myself but it might work as an undershirt. It was a little snug around the belly but not too bad.

Overall It was ok. I do like that they gave me shoes, they are the only box to do that so far.

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  1. Chris Santiago
    Chris Santiago 19 May, 2017, 10:04

    You did it again Nick thank you for the video I signed up for Five Four and got some nice stuff for may not bad

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