Get Ready with Me | Day Time Skincare Routine

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Hey pandas!


❤️Products Mentioned:
•Philosophy Purity Made Simple – $11 to $55

•Foreo Luna Mini – $99

•Murad Hydrating Toner – $30

•Drunk Elephant Eye Serum – $85

•Drunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum – $80

•IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream – $48

•IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Serum™ – $58

•Murad Essential-C Day Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 – $63

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  1. Erica Alvarado
    Erica Alvarado 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Elta MD tinted moisturizer with spf 46!!! Got it from my dermatologist and I am inlove!!!!! Was recommended bc I have recently started to get hyperpigmentation. This product id fabulous!! Not going to go in all the details but just look it up. and tinted one is better for your skin

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  2. Elisa Sanders
    Elisa Sanders 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Have you tried obagi sunscreen ?

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  3. Tensi Perez
    Tensi Perez 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    LOVE your videos and you are so funny!

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  4. msingstar15
    msingstar15 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    mdsolarsciences creme in the pink bottle is the best mineral sunscreen for makeup wearers and its spf 50 + antioxidants

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  5. Janie Freeman
    Janie Freeman 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Hi Dani
    I like the mineral sunscreen for the face by Australian Gold, tinted spf 50. It's available at Ulta ($12.99.) You are fun to watch, and I love the good info.

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  6. Elizabeth Shaw
    Elizabeth Shaw 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    I love Josie Maran's Argan Daily Moisturizer with SPF 47 and also Dermalogica SPF (it's in a little white bottle with purple writing). I also have tried the newer version of Clarins and I do like it, also a more natural/vegan brand is Mychelle Coconut SPF 30. I'm also trying to get away from dimethicone but it's in almost everything!!

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  7. Brenda Guerrero
    Brenda Guerrero 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Have you tried Clinique's pep-start sunscreen? It is spf 50, very fluid, and a physical sunscreen. It has a slight tint but not one that shows up on the skin, just enough to prevent a white cast!

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  8. marion thurman
    marion thurman 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Dani are there any dupes for the drunk elephant products they r pricey for people on a fixed income ?

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  9. Lr LGR
    Lr LGR 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    I love your honesty!

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  10. Debby Portillo
    Debby Portillo 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Dr Dennis Gross sheer mineral spf 50 sunscreen. Purely physical and full of antioxidants, plus it dries matte!!!

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  11. Grace Godley
    Grace Godley 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Trader Joe's enrich moisturizer! Physical spf

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  12. Rachel Somebody
    Rachel Somebody 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Check out Serein Wu's channel for sunscreen suggestions! She's really knowledgeable about SPF and has come great mineral sunscreen recommendations.

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  13. Tabatha Casey
    Tabatha Casey 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Girl, I cant go sans Dimethicone! LOVE my Smashbox primer!

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  14. Jennifer Parish
    Jennifer Parish 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Since you love the Drunk Elephant products, they also have a mineral sunscreen called Umbra. It now comes in 2 formulas, regular and Tinte which they made for those with darker complexions.

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  15. xoxo2277
    xoxo2277 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    I recently heard that IT cosmetics was bought over by Loreal, and thats why they have been able to bring out so many new products bc they are now being mass produced by Loreal. I also heard that the products aren't the same ether they aren't as good as they used to be. While i mentioned it i heard that Tarte was bought by Estee Lauder and their products have changed as well. I was just wondering if you knew anything about this bc I love both IT and Tarte products,but IT always said that it took them so long to come out w new products bc they wanted them to be perfect and now I've ben hearing that the quality of both companies products are just not the same anymore. Would you be able to recommend face products that aren't as expensive as Drunk Elephant?

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  16. amandasplit
    amandasplit 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Australian gold mineral sunscreen $12!

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  17. Abigail Yesso
    Abigail Yesso 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    I LOVE Coola mineral face sunscreen. It's on of those products I'm always willing to splurge on – smells amazing, sits light on the skin -10/10 my favorite

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  18. Halie Lynne
    Halie Lynne 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Love your vids….I also am trying to make myself purge dimethicone but I just…. love silicone primers lmao. But I'm having bad cystic hormonal acne and can't figure that out so idk!

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  19. Leslie New82
    Leslie New82 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Love your videos Dani!! Your personality always shines through !❤

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  20. Plannergirl22
    Plannergirl22 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Why do they tell you to pat in the vitamin c and not rub it in?

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  21. Luna Gomez
    Luna Gomez 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    I love the Drunk Elephant eye serum+ Vitamin C serum

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  22. Mishel B
    Mishel B 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Tarte sunscreen is amazing! Doesn't clog my pores and doesn't leave a white residue.

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  23. Maribel Guevara
    Maribel Guevara 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    a while ago you had done a natural beauty haul with 100% pure, can you do another one?

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  24. Rhea Verma
    Rhea Verma 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    This was SO helpful and insightful!!! Thank you

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  25. Michelle JKB
    Michelle JKB 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Hey! I signed up for Ebates under your link, I got my $10 so you should of got your $10!


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  26. Sarah L
    Sarah L 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Hey Dani, I'm so glad that you did this video. ❤️
    I've been thinking about trying out some of the It Cosmetics skincare products for a while but I had no idea that some of the ingredients were bad for the skin.
    You might want to check out Liah Yoo's video on sunscreen, it was posted on the 2nd of this month. She gives a couple of recommendations. So far I've only tried the Mad Hippie sunscreen, I find that it's hard to blend into the skin and my foundation separates when I use them together. But if you don't plan to where makeup with it then it is an all natural physical sunscreen. Pro's and con's. I would love to know if/when you find a physical sunscreen that works, now that Sephora is carrying the Drunk Elephant sunscreen I thought that I might give it a go. (I think that it's mineral based but I haven't looked at the ingredients list yet)

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  27. Gladys Yap
    Gladys Yap 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    Nice dress!

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  28. Sarha S
    Sarha S 29 May, 2017, 16:22

    I love your outfit n makeup.

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