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How I cleared up my skin from acne in only 1 week!
For today’s video, I thought I would share with you all something that has me and a lot of other people and that is Navan True Clear Skin Clarifying supplement! This product is amazing, I would definitely recommend it to anyone suffering from acne (did I mention it is all natural?!)

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  1. Brooke Lamb
    Brooke Lamb 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    Your stunning and you've grower so much keep it up girly!!!!

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  2. Jessica Prado
    Jessica Prado 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    Im on week 8 of taking these. I noticed the acne goes away faster but im still breaking out alot. around my jawline amd cheeks. and i feel like its at its worst right now. How many months did it take for your acne to drastically clear up? Cause right now i want to give up and start taking accutane instead

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  3. Martin Esquivias
    Martin Esquivias 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    You're really gorgeous 😍

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  4. somersks
    somersks 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    is this sponsored?

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  5. Charlotte Spiden
    Charlotte Spiden 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    Did you buy this online or is there other places you can purchase it?

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  6. Olivia Aranda
    Olivia Aranda 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    How much did your skin break out during the first days of taking it ?

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  7. Stefinapolis
    Stefinapolis 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    Hey, I have tried this product, it did not work for me. I made a review on my channel.

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  8. Kandi D
    Kandi D 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    do not order this!!! it does not work. it makes you sick with horrible head aches!!!

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  9. Zimskygirls
    Zimskygirls 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    Hey, Thank you for posting this video. I have also started a skincare channel. Will you check it out? Sub for sub? Thanks in advance!

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  10. Sierra Leonia
    Sierra Leonia 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    What other products did you use along with the vitamins?

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  11. Chazza Emily
    Chazza Emily 14 May, 2017, 07:42

    I suffer with severe cystic acne and I feel disgusting did you notice you broke out a lot before it got better??

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