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Camera : Canon 650d and Iphone 5
Editing : Final Cut Pro X
Sound : Rode VideoMic-R Shotgun Condenser Microphone with Rycote Suspension


Gel Pore Strips
10 x Mineral Mud Nose Pore Cleansing Membranes Strips Blackhead Removal
Ebay Link :
Ebay User : Worldtechon

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  1. Purnendu Mukherjee
    Purnendu Mukherjee 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    hello nisha I jst want to know that the mask which is help to remove black heads is it harmhul? becoz my skin is sensitive.. can I use it? from where I shl get this mask?… ankita ,, Kolkata…

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  2. Mike Lopez
    Mike Lopez 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    jow many in a pack and how much ?

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  3. If I could Fly
    If I could Fly 18 June, 2017, 07:55


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  4. Aaron Mullen
    Aaron Mullen 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    How many times does it usually take for the blackheads to be removed? I have the exact same pouches from the video and i've seen little difference after my first strip

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  5. Queen OfGlory
    Queen OfGlory 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    ……………..Is this what Poods used in his masks video?……

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  6. Marin Armando Adrian
    Marin Armando Adrian 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    These female vloggers talk so much, omg. What you wanna buy: 1:25 How to use it: 2:05

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  7. Courtney Messmer
    Courtney Messmer 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    take of that eye-shadow

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  8. vegasbob007
    vegasbob007 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Thanks for the good info .

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  9. Sarah Prater
    Sarah Prater 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Why was the strip not shown to viewers that's a waste of time!

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  10. Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Please send the name of the product for blackhead removal. I didn't get it in the video

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  11. elie drake
    elie drake 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Thanks this helped so much
    P.s you dont need make your a natural beauty

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  12. Kakhaberr
    Kakhaberr 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    thanks , now my nose fell off too

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  13. Lacey Johnson
    Lacey Johnson 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    so is it a strip or a gel?

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  14. J-Mar
    J-Mar 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Thanks for the video, definitely going to try this! Also your hot! 😉

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  15. SylviaAlcatrazz
    SylviaAlcatrazz 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    For those wondering, a quick search revealed that the time on your face should be 15-30minutes, they say to clean your face with warm water first and dry it, then use a warm towel (not wet) or warm compress on your face to soften pores, then apply the mineral mud, peel off the whole thing. Any remnants can be wiped with tissue or water. The reason for so much in one sachet is for full face use if wanted.

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  16. NishUnleashed
    NishUnleashed 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    My latest video here –

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  17. NishUnleashed
    NishUnleashed 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Hey guys, thanks so much for checking out my video! Please make sure you subscribe because I am so much better now! Love you!

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  18. T. Price
    T. Price 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    I like your accent.

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  19. ace9846
    ace9846 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    Do women really think that blue shit on their eyes looks good!

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  20. myneymssam
    myneymssam 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    its sexy endscreen dance

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  21. Dj J-cZerr
    Dj J-cZerr 18 June, 2017, 07:55

    pandas are white. just saying. brown proud.

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