Just Natural Body Nutritive Serum Review | LadyLuckTutorials

Just Natural Body Nutritive Serum Review | LadyLuckTutorials

Just Natural Body Nutritive Serum: http://bit.ly/2sfIKtQ
This stuff is literally AMAZING. NOT just as a MOISTURIZER or for getting your tan on.. But it’s also good for DRY, FLAKY, CREPEY SKIN, and STRETCH MARKS as well!

This nutritive tanning support serum is a lightweight, easily absorbed blend of vitamins and antioxidant rich oils, extracts and essentials that deeply penetrate to feed, protect and support skin for a longer lasting tan.

These oils have soothing properties that moisturize and help develop that golden, sun kissed tan you crave.

This powerful nutritive serum for body and face works without irritating your skin. It immediately improves the look of dry, flaky skin, stretch marks, and crepey skin.

The mixture of 13 different types of oils may also improve your skin’s elasticity and neutralize skin imbalances.

This product is formulated for indoor and outdoor use and is tanning bed safe. It is not a self-tanner or bronzer.

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  1. Kelly Tollett
    Kelly Tollett 24 June, 2017, 09:20

    Are you using it alone to tan with, or applying tanning lotion after the serum? Your tan looks so natural 🙂

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