KOLORS RAJAHMUNDRY REVIEW: Weight Loss, Skin Care, Hair Care And Beauty Spy

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A person came to visit Kolors Healthcare to reduce weight. He shared his experience as he was not willing to go out in public due to overweight. He then joined Kolors and now reduced to 85 Kgs. His weight is around 6.1 for which the weight is better.

Now the man is really happy and joyful. He is now happily moving in public and able to take his kids and family outdoor.


Kolors health care has been busy every day treating weight loss issues, no matter how much over weight you are, its kolors that will answer the issues.


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  1. Prabhu PP
    Prabhu PP 9 April, 2017, 10:43

    I visited kolors branch, the products they use are of good quality and also the staff is very patient and helpful. Felt very good and special. I would recommend it to people who really want good quality services

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