Korean skin care travel kit reviews!

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Review of my favorite Korean Skin Care travel set goodies! Thanks to MEME box USA for giving us Americans a chance to try out some of the best Korean beauty products.

I tested these products during my recent trips to:
– Orlando, Florida
– Tokyo, Japan
– San Diego, California
– Seattle, Washington

Here is my review on Benton Honest travel set, Nooni deep east sea sample kit, Dear by Enprani limited release sample set, and Papa Recipe Bombee Honey travel samples.

Meme box has changed its model and no longer does discount codes…so there’s that. Sorry guys! Get Amazon prime and just order these kits from there.

Here’s a breakdown of each Korean travel sample set I packed in my carry-on this year https://biancakarina.com/2017/05/18/korean-skin-care-travel-kits-review/

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