Mae’s Updated Hair Care Regimen + Easy Braid Out Style!

Mae’s Updated Hair Care Regimen + Easy Braid Out Style!

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Living in Playa del Carmen, México has changed up my hair care regimen since I’m now dealing with hard water, so I just wanted to share my updated routine with you all plus an easy braid out style using products from the @SheaMoisture Raw Shea collection.

✚ Hair Products & Tools Used ✚

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo (sally beauty link)
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (sally beauty link)
Detangling Brush
Disposable Plastic Caps
Hair Therapy Wrap Conditioning Cap
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk (sally beauty link)
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra Moisture Detangler (sally beauty link)
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Reconstructive Finishing Elixir

✚ Dealing with Hard Water ✚

I use a chelating shampoo once a month to remove mineral buildup. I didn’t have many to choose from here in Playa, but here is one I did find that works well for me! (Quantum clarifying shampoo).

Another way to combat hard water (not necessarily the easiest or cheapest) is to install a water softener in your plumbing designed to “soften” the water (i.e. removal of ions). NOTE – This would be different than a regular shower head filter that usually only removes chlorine and other particulates.

✚ Some Makeup Goodies ✚

Highlighter – NARS Highlighting Blush in Albatross
Powder Blush – Cargo in Laguna BL-06
Lips – NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen
Foundation – Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer in 24 Golden

✚ Tech ✚

Canon Rebel T3i
Zoom H1 Microphone
Final Cut Pro X
Adobe Creative Cloud







✚ Music ✚

“Lude Illa by Joe Bagale
“Put it on the Floor” by Otis McDonald
“Sweet as Honey” by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

Thank you to Shea Moisture for sponsoring this video. Also, some of the links above are affiliate links, which help me to produce more content for you if you decide to purchase using these links (no extra cost to you) 🙂 Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my viewers. Thanks again for all the support!

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  1. lAnquinette Wade
    lAnquinette Wade 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    looks braidout never turn out good

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  2. Coolslim913
    Coolslim913 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Please can you tell me where you purchase your steaming cap…. thanks

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  3. Debra Banks
    Debra Banks 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    You're back!!!!! Yayyyyy! I just re-subscribed. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you!

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  4. carolynjo2578
    carolynjo2578 28 June, 2017, 13:59


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  5. LaKeshia Brooks
    LaKeshia Brooks 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Glad to see you're back..We've missed you!!! Blessings to you and yours abroad!!!

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  6. funkyredhead1
    funkyredhead1 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    I also live in a hard water area. See if you can get a shower head that has a filter to make it easier for you.

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  7. Adriane Williams
    Adriane Williams 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Glad you uploaded and your hair looks great. How are you enjoying the move.

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  8. Shea Hinton
    Shea Hinton 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    You should get a shower head filter

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  9. Shea Hinton
    Shea Hinton 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    What moved you guys to mexico? and your hair is on piont

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  10. Minimal Assembly
    Minimal Assembly 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Hi Mae, You want to use "Distilled" water, since purified water has minerals added. If you have a lazy day, mixing ACV or citric acid (lemon juice) with the hard or purified water (minerals) helps prevent the minerals from sticking to your hair as much. I moved to a place with hard water five years ago and now just mix two squeezes of shampoo into a 16oz bottle of warm distilled water, shake and use that to clean my hair. I pour it into sections after I've saturated my hair with warm distilled water, scrub and squeeze, let it sit for two minutes then rinse with a larger bowl of distilled water. I don't use the hard tap water anymore, so my hair is less dry from chelating shampoos and I waste less water shampooing minerals out of my hair. I also stick to lower ph products like conditioners (Giovanni) and leave-ins (Mielle, Kinky-Curly) and rinse my conditioner with water + aloe Vera juice/gel to keep cuticles smooth and healthy.

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  11. FabGlam Glitz
    FabGlam Glitz 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    I've been watching you since you did your first big chop at the salon. I was single then, I moved to NY, got married, and now pregnant with our first baby. I can't how fast the years have gone by. I love your channel, glad you're back.

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  12. Critic4ACritic
    Critic4ACritic 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    😱 you uploaded😱

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  13. SimplyKaren28
    SimplyKaren28 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Your hair did grow sooo much. 👍🏾😊✨. Beautiful

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  14. mokococolata
    mokococolata 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Too bad yu used Shea M.

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  15. Adrienne Bundy
    Adrienne Bundy 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    can u discuss how long it takes to get your weight back to normal after having kids and if it really matters for you?

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    MRSKINKY1 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    sponsored Shea moisture video SMH

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  17. Monag5124
    Monag5124 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Been a fan for a long time….thanks for sharing!

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  18. Akechia Grant
    Akechia Grant 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Love the top/dress!!!! Where did you get it??

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  19. Lolita's Fro
    Lolita's Fro 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Mae have you ever used/tried Camille Rose Naturals products?

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  20. June Cat
    June Cat 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Glad you figured something out! I just happen to be using Sheamoisture shampoo and deep condition masque for the first time today!! Loving it so far. Seems very moisturizing. Why did you guys move to Mexico? Is the move permanent? All the best! 🙂

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  21. coco698
    coco698 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Simply beautiful! 😊

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  22. diomelita
    diomelita 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Beautiful results & I'm in love with that back💖🤗

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  23. joypeaceo
    joypeaceo 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    It's good seeing you again. I really miss seeing your videos.

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  24. Lynnetta Charity
    Lynnetta Charity 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    don't sleep on camille rose. she is the truth.

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  25. Lynnetta Charity
    Lynnetta Charity 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Mae so happy to be seeing you again. I lived in Italy for 2 years in the early 90s. The water there was making people's hair dry brittle and breaky. I early on decided to was my then relaxed hair with bottled water. I got teased a little for being bougie but I got to keep my hair 🙂

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  26. Jamee Shelley
    Jamee Shelley 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    I'm happy that you uploaded this video. My hair has been extremely dry and I have been thinking that it was my water. My hair is reacting to it differently after my 2nd big chop than my 1st big chop. I will try purified water to see if there is a difference. Secondly, did you use the Shea Moisture Detangler as your leave-in conditioner? I bought that and the transitioning milk but I may have used too much and my hair was gummy. I've been trying to find good products for my 4c hair because as I said earlier, my hair is extremely dry. If you or anyone have any suggestions, I'm open.

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  27. DanelleHarvey
    DanelleHarvey 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Hello lovely! Good to see you on YT. I love the result – you look stunning. Hope you're all enjoying Mexico! It's amazing there. ♡

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  28. Neke Maning
    Neke Maning 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Oh woooooow look what the cat dragged lol. So happy to see u 👋🏾

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  29. YT4Me57
    YT4Me57 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Beautiful results. I've seen on other videos about the same problem that there is a shower head that filters out the minerals. You might look into that. I was wondering how you are managing your hair in the humidity. My hair shrinks up so badly, it winds up a tangled mess in humid weather. Then there's the issue of the heat; I'm not comfortable with my hair on my neck in hot weather, so I wind up keeping it in a bun, or pinned up twists.

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  30. Shanna Jarea
    Shanna Jarea 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Hey Mae! You should get a filtered shower head.

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  31. shawnette marie
    shawnette marie 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Hey Mae😄 Glad to see you back🤗

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  32. doctortricie
    doctortricie 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Welcome back! I notice you now wear jewelry. It looks great on you!

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    SMALLZZZ SMALLZZZ 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Did you say they call those water bottles Garifuna?

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  34. doctortricie
    doctortricie 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Glad you are back!

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  35. reader24
    reader24 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    I love your hair!! Mae i was wondering how did you get your hair so stretched out in the beginning of the video? I used to be so obsessed with your hair!! I'm so happy your family is doing so well in Mexico!!

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  36. ISayToMyself
    ISayToMyself 28 June, 2017, 13:59

    Hey Dr. Mae!!

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