Mayvenn Hair Review | Brazilian Deep Wave

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Hey guys so I’ve had this hair in for a month and a lot of people have asked about it. If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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Hair Info:
Brazilian Deep Wave
3 bundles of 18 inches
Natural Color (1B/2)
Made into a full unit; installed with minimal leave out
Worn in a braidout in this video

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Disclaimer: This video was not sponsored.

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  1. Aaliyah XXX
    Aaliyah XXX 7 June, 2017, 04:12
    Mayvenn Bundle Sale

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  2. Angela W
    Angela W 7 June, 2017, 04:12


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  3. Shannon Johhnson
    Shannon Johhnson 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    Terrible Hair ! Terrible Customer Service ! First Day I Installed It The First Day It Knotted Up ! Terrible Hair ! Please Don't Waste Your Money Guys !!!!

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  4. Lifewith Lia
    Lifewith Lia 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    How tall are you so I know where the hair will fall

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  5. KD Broadway
    KD Broadway 7 June, 2017, 04:12
  6. Elsa Peng
    Elsa Peng 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    Hi,dear, we come from China and sell grade 7A hair on Aliexpress,the quality is really good,we'd like send you 3 bundles hair and hope you can test the quality,then do a real review on youtube,we just want more girls can use the best quality hair.Pls contact us:
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  7. Danniella Bowman
    Danniella Bowman 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    order from me to recieve a free gift!

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  8. Danniella Bowman
    Danniella Bowman 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    great idea to not sew the back!

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  9. Kitty Sims
    Kitty Sims 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    I love your video and this hair, I braid my hair when I'm sleeping!! If your looking to order it check out the website at !!

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  10. Shan Tillman
    Shan Tillman 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    Hello ladies if anyone is interested please visit my page to order your hair

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  11. shanicqua foxworth
    shanicqua foxworth 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    showing your stitch pattern sure did help I be hating to braid my own hair for my sewin I'm also a distributor for anyone interested

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  12. dominique figures
    dominique figures 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    You can order hair from my website ladies,

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  13. carla Pratt
    carla Pratt 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    It looks great! How does it straighten?

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  14. Mzashlayah22
    Mzashlayah22 7 June, 2017, 04:12 I am a vendor for this wonderful hair! We are having a sale this month! 15% off of any bundles or closure! And 30 day money back if you don't like the hair! And if you order from my site I am running a special free bundle or closure of your choice for free when ordering with me! So click the link to shop at my store!

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  15. Rachelle Dior
    Rachelle Dior 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    Could you put my link up too

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  16. Hawa Love
    Hawa Love 7 June, 2017, 04:12

    Beautiful. I have to make a purchase to the seller. Looks so natural all I would worry about is the parting.

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