Melania Trump Gets Sick Surprise From Michelle’s ‘Friends’

Melania Trump Gets Sick Surprise From Michelle’s ‘Friends’

First Lady Melania Trump wore a yellow floral floor length gown to meet and dine with Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India and his wife. Right away, Michelle Obama’s friends, who are fashion critics, decided to launch an attack on the first lady as the event was still going on. Mirror reported, “Melania Trump’s style has come a long way since Donald’s election campaign and we’ve seen her sporting much more tailored looks. But her most recent outfit to meet Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House has been met with a bit of criticism.”
“[Fashion critics] questioned whether or not the bold color and print was ‘appropriate’ for the official meeting. It’s possibly more appropriate for a garden party than a formal meeting,” reported AOL. This is a low blow, even for those who praise Michelle Obama’s every look. Considering these “unnamed fashion critics” are the same people who gushed over Michelle Obama’s horrendous fashion mistake just a few weeks ago.

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  1. pamela creel
    pamela creel 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Stunning !!!!! Mrs. Trump, your absolute stunning ● ♡ ●

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  2. Octavo Gamez
    Octavo Gamez 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Milania is beautiful,I agree.but it's the only thing she will go down in history for.Michelle is a female icon and no one can take that away from her☝🏼 recognize.

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  3. Joan Evangelo
    Joan Evangelo 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    With everything going on in the world what does it matter what the first lady wears.

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  4. Stacy J
    Stacy J 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    I'm floored by these negative comments about First Lady Michelle Obama…Michelle Obama is too classy, she's a smart brilliant Attorney, that faced her duties as an FLOTUS…..not for one moment did she ever shun her responsibilities and left the White House….and she got her own campaign of getting kids healthy and fit…started the moment President Obama was sworn in. Melania wears nice clothes too, don't get me wrong. But besides that, there's nothing else that she can offer the U.S. as a First Lady.

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  5. jeanthree
    jeanthree 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    the last day as 1st lady Michelle dress was very tacty and frumpy with a fatass. Melina was so beautifully dress like Jacklyn Kennedy a woman with taste.

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  6. Joybillionheiress
    Joybillionheiress 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    fake News! there is no way that Melania Trump, is more elegant than Jackie Kennedy. Michelle Obama is way more educated than that, porn star. FAKE NEWS!!!

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  7. caroline liane
    caroline liane 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Shame.. How come Mrs O don't know about the dress code once you enter the Catholic Cathedral. NO OFF SHOULDER like the one Mrs O was wearing at minute 1.43. If I am one of the Bishop over there and I happened to be a very Traditional in person.. I will shun her outside and do not let her enter the cathedral at once. No respect for Catholic in the whole Universe i tell you. And most of all you are asking the Priests and the Bishop nearby to sins. That is one kind of BIG SIN you cause to yourself and PRIESTS OF GOD. She shall answer the question at the end of her day. Poor Michelle, hungry for attention worldwide.

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  8. michael jones
    michael jones 2 July, 2017, 06:51


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  9. Sam W
    Sam W 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Fuck off you russian TROLLS. No one cares what you think and apparently rePIGlicons do not care what kind of disgraceful pig they voted for or that they continue to support this pig that is an embarrassment the world over. DO NOT DARE to compare Trumps ex hooker wife with Jackie Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy never posed NAKED FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE. Jackie Kennedy never plagiarized another first ladies speech. Your taste, shows you have no taste, class or pride in yourself or your country. The entire Trump family is a disgrace and an embarrassment to this country not to mention the financial grifting going on. You SHIT BAGS spent the entire time Obama was president whining, balling and bellowing about the budgets and boohoohoo, we can't keep leaving all this debt to our grand children, the debt, the debt, the debt….. Where is that concern for debt, when this fat ass pig that we have for a president spends over a million dollars a day to waddle his fat ass around a golf course? Huh? Where is your whining sniveling concern for your grand childrens debts NOW? You stupid hillbilly moronic hypocrites.

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  10. darthvader5300
    darthvader5300 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    KGB-GRU/FSB TO LYING BIG TIME LIAR Maritza Rodriguez, stop insulting the intelligence and common sense of the American people with your non-reality insanity and delusions. They know the truth and that bitch michelle obamma is a REAL HOE, JUST A HOLE BETWEEN THE LEGS IF SHE HAS ONE. The KGB knows everything how evil that bitch michelle obamma, for we got tons of microfilmed data on that bitch!

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  11. MechanicalDragon687
    MechanicalDragon687 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Michelle Obama is an intelligent woman but didn't seem to know how to use it for good of the country.  But she knows how to control as a typical socialist and how to use other people's money.  She tried to be a fashion lite but had no grace.

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  12. Swatty Paws
    Swatty Paws 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    "There are none so blind who cannot see."

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  13. Beatrice Blocks
    Beatrice Blocks 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Wow, I hear a lot of haters on both sides. Let it go people these ladies could care less what plebeians think. However comparing Melanie to Jackie O is a bit much.

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  14. Sonya Debi
    Sonya Debi 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    when it comes to fashion and looks michelle can not beat melania.
    let's stop discussing..

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  15. EL TBBC
    EL TBBC 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    why does this man michelle always wear those odd pants..hmmmm think we all know y

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  16. Debra Frakes
    Debra Frakes 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    michelle obama ………..nothing good to say.

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  17. michaelofsydney
    michaelofsydney 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Men who wear dresses never quite pull it off.

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  18. Mona Wesley
    Mona Wesley 2 July, 2017, 06:51


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  19. Jimz
    Jimz 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Michelle Obutthole is a fugly transgender ape.

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  20. Cy B
    Cy B 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Michelle Obama is on vacation she can wear whatever she wants too. She's no longer the First Lady unlike Melania Trump is the first lady and is hold to a higher standard! And please stop compare Melania to Mrs. Jackie Kennedy because Jackie nor Michelle Obama has never been a centerfold first lady! Everytime single time you guys try to link Melania to Mrs. Jackie, she probably roll over in her grave. So Stop! Miss Jackie was the First Class Act and very hard to follow.

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  21. Celestea Deanes
    Celestea Deanes 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Melanie did pose nude. And greased. An it's on the white house wall. Come on.

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  22. Dixie Darlin
    Dixie Darlin 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    moochie the tranny can't even compete with Melania who is pure class while moochie is pure trash

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  23. Josefina Guerrero
    Josefina Guerrero 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    melania is a porno queen

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  24. Unicorn Bunny
    Unicorn Bunny 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Melania is a True Lady where as Micheal is a Tranny.

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  25. Connie Adams
    Connie Adams 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Melania and Ivanka together can't touch Michelle Obama's intelligence and geniune personality. Trump and family, poor intelligence, FAke, and poor trailer trash that supposely have $$$$.

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  26. Neti j
    Neti j 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Trump is so jealous of President Obama he can't stop blaming everything he does wrong on President Obama ..the Obamas are NOT in office anymore they can do and dress however they want!

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  27. Sandra Watkins
    Sandra Watkins 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    I don't doubt Melania Trump's outfits she wears very beautiful clothing. but I definitely don't doubt Michelle Obama's outfits. You guys are trying to take away from what's really wrong which is the president. he is under investigation not Millenia. nobody finds fault with her except for the fact that she is literally almost Russian. We need a leader and not a dictator. If you have issues with what I have said I suggest you hit me up and that is a challenge. I can't guarantee you that I will snap back but I will do my best to try as I don't have time for over half of the bullshit you guys would complain about. complainers simply aren't that important.

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  28. nylotus
    nylotus 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    I'm sorry… Melania is lovely and all but she is nothing close to Jackie O or Michelle. I agree criticizing her look is ridiculous but to compare her to Jackie O is a joke. She does not have the education or background of Jackie or Michelle. Both Jackie and Michelle have an impressive education and a highly regarded work history prior to being First Ladies and have contributed to society in many ways. Melania was a model and married a rich old man. To compare the two is a huge insult to both previous First Ladies. and no… I did not vote for Hillary before anyone says that.

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  29. duha falah yasin
    duha falah yasin 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Michelle o bam a can wear watever she wents naw as she's not a in the Wight house or a prisidents wife .anymore

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  30. Lena Stearnes
    Lena Stearnes 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Micheal ,I mean Michelle looks very getto,and not to mention grossly obese.She has really let herself go,what happened 🤔

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  31. Linda Casey
    Linda Casey 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Both women are beautiful .. dump the artificial voice …

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  32. sofiadorci
    sofiadorci 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Michelle is a man. You can't compare any monkey to Melania.

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  33. Traci Taylor
    Traci Taylor 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Melania is a whore… a Stafford wife without a brain. There are no naked pics of Michelle on a furry rug… the Trumps are CUNTS!!!

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  34. vonnii1013
    vonnii1013 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    funny how no one likes michelle and we know why lets just be honest plz cause im sick and tired of yall acting like it wasn't a color issue….but Melania who I can Google her and see her tits ass and vag lol y'all give her a pass all day…and let me make mention…i don't have an issue with playboy bunnies but when it comes to these 2 women…michelle is blk melania is white and we know how it usually works

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  35. Sagisli
    Sagisli 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Can we stop comparing the First Ladies, please!! Michelle Obama wore some pretty spectacular outfits during her time at the White House. I have to agree that her Italy outfits were unbecoming, but she is more than a few bad fashion mistakes and more importantly, she was a private citizen. Having said that, Melania dresses beautifully too, but Melania's clothing is mind boggling expensive. It's hard to relate to, but you appreciate it anyway. A simple dress to a picnic cost $2,250, but her husband's a billionaire. That one dress cost more than my entire wardrobe (socks included) lol. In a sense of fair play, how about we leave the First Lady's alone and appreciate them for carrying themselves with dignity. I wouldn't want to live my life under a microscope or the scrutiny of the AOL fashion police.

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  36. WhirledPeasFursure
    WhirledPeasFursure 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    omg, I bet Michelle and Melania don't make these same stupid conclusions about each other's fashion/clothes.. really a stupid thing to talk about………… (mental note: never watch this channel again)

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  37. agirlyou dontknow
    agirlyou dontknow 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    Michelle screams class. She doesn't have a need to always be on the fashion tip because she has far too much going on in her life

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  38. Helena Jefferson
    Helena Jefferson 2 July, 2017, 06:51

    she is no longer the first lady get a life trolls

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  39. Donna Mason
    Donna Mason 2 July, 2017, 06:51


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