Melania Trump Influance Royal Europe Fashion

Melania Trump Influance Royal Europe Fashion

From blue Jackie Kennedy-style inauguration outfit to her love of clean lines and sophisticated tailoring, she’s not put a foot wrong when it comes to fashion. Now style bible has confirmed that – after just three months as First Lady, Melania Trump’s fashion influence has Europe’s royals.

The Melania effect was confirmed by writer Edward Barsamian, who noted how Queen Mathilde and Crown Princess Mary had both adopted Melania’s style on the Belgian royals’ state visit to Denmark at the end of last month.
‘Queen Mathilde’s periwinkle blue coat could have been pulled straight from the new First Lady’s wardrobe, and was reminiscent of the custom Ralph Lauren Collection Inauguration Day outfit,’ he said.

‘It appears that European royals including Princess Mary of Denmark have cottoned on to First Lady Melania’s style and it’s becoming somewhat contagious.’
‘On a recent royal visit, Princess Mary of Denmark was spotted wearing a pale blue coat – a similar look to Melania’s pale blue dress that she wore for the Presidential Inauguration.

‘First Lady of Argentina, Juliana Awada, and Queen Mathilde have also been spotted in pale blue outfits that sit just above the knee, thus replicating Melania’s understated style yet again.’

Another lady in red is Queen Letizia, who tends to stick to the kind of blouses and trousers and two-piece suits that were her go-to in her former role as a TV newsreader.
However, Natalie notes that she too chaneled Melania’s signature colour and looked ‘dangerously hot’ in double red on her recent visit to Japan.

Queen Rania of Jordan recently met the First Lady at the White House, and while they went for very different colour scheme with Melania in green and the royal in black, they seemed to be mirroring each other’s style.
‘Queen Rania of Jordan and Melanie Trump wore similar style outfits in Washington that showcased layers of fabric around the neckline,’ Natalie said.

‘And let’s not forget Princess Victoria of Sweden whose tailored, cream coat suggests a more pared back style, mirroring Melania’s minimalist fashion choices.’

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