MY CROCHET BRAIDS ROUTINE | 4 Tips on How to Maintain Crochet Braids

MY CROCHET BRAIDS ROUTINE | 4 Tips on How to Maintain Crochet Braids

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Hey, babes! Here is how to care for your crochet braids and protective styles. I also show you my maintenance tips & tricks to prolong the wear of crochet braid styles while taking care of your natural hair underneath! Let me know what videos I should do next 🙂

Welcome to my channel! I’m Jodian aka JODI, and I share my creative ideas through TheBrilliantBeauty by uploading hair tutorials, makeup looks, and fashion videos. My hope is to inspire you to try something new and be confident in the process.


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  1. Michaëlla Kouadio
    Michaëlla Kouadio 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Does she have a hair salon ?

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  2. The YouTube hubs
    The YouTube hubs 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    What hair did you use?

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  3. tiamadalynn
    tiamadalynn 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    im thinking about getting crotchet braids, I've really only worn individual braids my whole life so I'm used to super low maintenance and a long lasting protective style. So I'm not yet sure crotchet braids are fit for me.
    does anyone know how long i can keep in crotchet braids before they look unnatural/unhealthy or just crazy?

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  4. Sheila Dukes
    Sheila Dukes 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    where can i find the sleeping cap

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  5. Sekera Johnson
    Sekera Johnson 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    How many packs of hair?

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  6. Joanna Guerriero
    Joanna Guerriero 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I have two of those caps and I love them! 😍

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  7. Sharon Pierre Louis
    Sharon Pierre Louis 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    @BrilliantBeauty…I like the bonnet.

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  8. Poliana Lima
    Poliana Lima 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    organic hair?

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  9. BWI gyal_11
    BWI gyal_11 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Which exact slap cap does she have on in this video? Does anyone know?
    I've purchased one already and I was SO SALTY because it is too small and barely fits my natural hair, let alone a fabulous weave or crochet hair under it.

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  10. Tal Mills
    Tal Mills 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    In that grace's Ad, why everyone had silky hair???? And am suppose to purchase for my 4c hair?

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  11. IgneousRocks
    IgneousRocks 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I love your hair!

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  12. Thatí Moreira :)
    Thatí Moreira :) 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Amo esse canal 3

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  13. Sam Mari
    Sam Mari 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I really hate sponsored videos

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  14. kivigray0423
    kivigray0423 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    That lipstick is everything. 😍

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  15. Emila Daniele
    Emila Daniele 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    aonde você compro este cabelo ?

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  16. Kaitlyn Kelley
    Kaitlyn Kelley 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    How do you keep it from getting nappy??????

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  17. Queen Al
    Queen Al 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Hair looks absolutely amazing. Do you have the direct link to where you purchased the hair

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  18. rosicleia vianna
    rosicleia vianna 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    amei lindo cabelo 😍😍😍

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  19. JAYLEW
    JAYLEW 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Your lipstick—- i feel like its metaphorical hands are grabbing by the throat and pulling me in.

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  20. Sosa Whoooo
    Sosa Whoooo 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Sooooo beautiful ❤

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  21. fantastic fashion
    fantastic fashion 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    enter me plz😚

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  22. HairDeLaCreme
    HairDeLaCreme 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Great tips

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  23. Monique Madourie
    Monique Madourie 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I would prefer to wear the satin cap. Love your videos btw , I subscribed 2 days ago!!

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  24. Monique Madourie
    Monique Madourie 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I would prefer to wear the satin cap. Love your videos btw , I subscribed 2 days ago!!

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  25. Tina Lefakane
    Tina Lefakane 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I love and appreciate all your videos, but please please share what that lipstick is that you're wearing. It's gorgeous on you.

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  26. Velicia Williams
    Velicia Williams 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I love the slap cap. It really protects your hair.

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  27. hawaichika
    hawaichika 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I would like to know the price of the hat without having to sign up -_-

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  28. tessy angel
    tessy angel 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    What's the color nd brand of ur lipstick. looks good on you

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  29. TheBrilliantBeauty
    TheBrilliantBeauty 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Hey y'all! I DO have a tutorial coming on this look. The hair I'm wearing is for a trial….. I picked something else that's more beginner-friendly (same pattern) for the tutorial. I'm in the process of moving, so bare with me. Thanks for all your support guyssss XOXO

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  30. meiga abusada love
    meiga abusada love 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    MT divo 👏👏👏😘😘

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  31. Andralene Leriche
    Andralene Leriche 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I rather both

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  32. Jacinta Chambers
    Jacinta Chambers 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Very helpful tips tes! Please film the installation of these crochet braids. I love to see more affordable makeup tutorials and how to style affordable wigs. Thanks

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  33. Khadija Anderson
    Khadija Anderson 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    I sleep with a satin cap or scarf

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    MICHELLE BROWN 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Great tips, I have some crochet braids in right now.. Thanks

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  35. Jeanna Lawson
    Jeanna Lawson 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    great. Simple yet needed! THANKS

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  36. beautyqueen745
    beautyqueen745 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    what type of hair is that like the brand

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  37. Maduabuchi Vivian
    Maduabuchi Vivian 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    im confused. why arent you telling anyone the name of the hair or atleast replying them? you just jumping their comments and replying others. not cool. rme

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  38. 50_Shades_Of_Me
    50_Shades_Of_Me 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    That hair?!?!😍😍😍

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  39. Melanie Pizarro
    Melanie Pizarro 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    That hair is beautiful

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  40. sandy p
    sandy p 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    people want to know the hair u have on n u just ignore them. Would u be kind enough to let them know?

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  41. SheSoOooBoojie
    SheSoOooBoojie 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Is this Freetress WaterWave 22"?

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  42. Ivy Mageto
    Ivy Mageto 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    What hair is this tho????

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  43. Simplyserah143 !
    Simplyserah143 ! 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Can u do a video on its hair please!!!

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  44. ItsTami.x.x
    ItsTami.x.x 4 July, 2017, 02:40

    Hi Jodie!!! Perfect hair as always😍😍😍 just wondering what hair you had on?

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