My First Trendy Butler Box | vs Five Four Club Unboxing and Review

My First Trendy Butler Box | vs Five Four Club Unboxing and Review

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This video is not sponsored, Trendy Butler was nice enough to send me this box for review with no editorial strings attached so while I did not pay for this box my opinions remain independent. Have a product you would like me to review? Comment below or email [email protected]

The Kavalier is an independent review network for mens lifestyle products from online only retailers including Everlane, Beckett and Simonon, Frank and Oak, Bonobos, Five Four Club, Mizzen and Main, Trunk Club, Fashion Stork, Bombfell, threads for gents, bespoke post, Jack Erwin, Foremost Edition, Dollar Shave Club, Mack Weldon, MeUndies, Satchel and Page, Dapper Classics, Hall and Madden, Suitable, Indochino, and Gustin. Including products from companies from Mondaine Swiss Watches, Withings, Guideboat, Casper & Leesa Mattresses, Calvin Klein, Ledbury, Burberry, Banana Republic, Charles Tyrwhitt, J Crew, Marine Layer, Filson, Barbour, Orvis, Baxter of California, and more! Suggestions for products and companies are always appreciated- Comment below. Interested in clothing subscriptions, monthly boxes, and high quality menswear.

Create Your Style Profile
Complete your style profile to receive hand picked Trendy Butler selections from the brands you love.
Stylist Hand Picks Clothes
Whether its a wardrobe upgrade or special occasion, Trendy Butler has you covered.
Receive Clothes
Now sit back and relax and let your clothing come to you!
Style With Class. Style With Personality. Style with Trendy Butler.
What You Receive
And just when you think it can’t get any better…
We have an array of exclusive menswear clothing from both well known brands,
and todays hottest newest designers.
Shipping Made Easy
Free Shipping
It’s simple: We will ship your monthly Trendy Butler Subscription Box to anywhere in the
Continental US for FREE. No kidding
No Hassle Exchanges
Don’t love it? Return it to us for free. We mean it.
What Is Trendy Butler?
Trendy Butler is an exclusive and diverse men’s apparel subscription service that gives members $150+ worth of men’s clothes for $65 per month. Our technology personally caters to each user’s style preferences, sizes, and overall personality.
Unlike most of today’s men’s clothing subscription services, Trendy Butler delivers not only quality at a ridiculously low price, but true diversity and range in the products we offer. Our monthly boxes are created with partnerships that include today’s most influential and trendsetting brands to ensure you are always with the latest and most fashionable gear.
I have more questions! Where can I find answers?
It’s ridiculously easy to reach us. Email us 24/7 at [email protected] and we will do our best to reply within 1-2 business days depending on volume. You can chat live with our Concierge at or give us a call at 323-688-4680 during the hours 10AM – 6AM PST Monday – Friday. During busy hours, you can leave us a voice message with your full name, and the Concierge will do their best to return your call.

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  1. Chance Davis
    Chance Davis 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Can you do a video on how you make your shirt more thin?

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  2. Theodore Velez
    Theodore Velez 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Dude you're hair game is hilarious very greasy looking.

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  3. Sean Buchanan
    Sean Buchanan 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    I've done both subscriptions as well. Fivefour the clothes fell apart quickly, and the style wasn't impressive, so I quit. TrendyButler was a huge improvement on these 2 but their customer service was awful. I'm not a huge guy, but their men's medium never fit – inspite of the fact I wear medium via BR or other brands. When returning an item I loved, they never had enough so they'd send something "similar" – which wouldn't match the other item – and it would take 30-60 days to receive the exchange. A few times they'd send the wrong exchange item and I'd be closer to 90-120 days before finally getting a decent item.

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  4. Rayndal Renfrow
    Rayndal Renfrow 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Good god! What happened to men these days? Why do guys want to look like the gay prince in Braveheart?

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  5. Damn Danno!
    Damn Danno! 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    What's the deal with the breakfast food picture to his side? Lll

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  6. Tyler Cashman
    Tyler Cashman 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Your intro was less than a minute, and for that I thank you.

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  7. jd stevenson
    jd stevenson 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    you look like a serial killer

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  8. Seth Williams
    Seth Williams 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Great review, very helpful. Thanks!

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  9. jim hughes
    jim hughes 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    A bit of ankle showing is a cool look.

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  10. jim hughes
    jim hughes 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Glad you cut this hair. Not sure I would have followed otherwise. 😂

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  11. Dillon Kirkpatrick
    Dillon Kirkpatrick 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    what happened to the video on tailoring your own clothing?

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  12. K. G.
    K. G. 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Are there any brands of anything that you choose style over quality? Not insinuating that trendy butler is one that would fall in this category. Or do you start your standards at quality first and then look at style?

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  13. Sean Buchanan
    Sean Buchanan 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    I had FiveFour and just cancelled. Didn't care too much for style of their clothes, the fact they shrunk in the wash and that I cannot exchange. Considering Trendy Butler – I want to stick around that $65/mo mark – any other services to consider?

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  14. John Gwin
    John Gwin 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Garbage service – DO NOT SUBSCRIBE – scam

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  15. Bunthan Kong
    Bunthan Kong 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    So trendy butler is not tailor made but picks there clothes from other stores….. If i'm not mistaken……. Feel me in……..

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  16. Kens Burnss
    Kens Burnss 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    five four is much better – Trendy butler falls apart in the wash

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  17. Tiffany Diaz
    Tiffany Diaz 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    just wondering how tall are you? my husband is 6'4 do they ask u for pant size? and did you call back for the slim of ur shirt and what did they say?

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  18. Batman
    Batman 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    You remind me of Bruce Wayne from Gotham.

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  19. Batman
    Batman 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Do you get shoes?

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  20. fausto412
    fausto412 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    So where did you learn how to tailor?

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  21. Joshua Barker
    Joshua Barker 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    I just subscribed and already having doubts… What's the point of asking my waist size but nothing else? If they can't provide clothing that fits me specifically, then I'm going to use another service.

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  22. Bouncer Criss
    Bouncer Criss 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    I was a member of Trendy Butler for 6 months, never got a single pair of pants. All I got was long sleeve button down shirts and sweaters. Very disappointing service, it looks like they sent you the typical (better) package for bloggers.

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  23. Renato Gonzalez
    Renato Gonzalez 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Cheap clothe

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  24. nyescobar
    nyescobar 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Love the poster in the background

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  25. Julian Schoon
    Julian Schoon 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Is that picture in the background the same as the one Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation has in his office?! Haha.

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  26. MarkPMus
    MarkPMus 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Do you know any clothing subscription services for UK viewers? We have to pay import duty on clothes from the US.

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  27. Alejandro Orejuela
    Alejandro Orejuela 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    how much was this package?

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  28. J H
    J H 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    try Old Navy Ultimate Slim (skinny) fit… great prices and fit! very comfortable, too!

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  29. willie DEE
    willie DEE 23 June, 2017, 19:10


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  30. MrWalker1000
    MrWalker1000 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    which is the best club in your opinion when it comes to everything?

    also, i'd rather just buy them myself tbh than resort to someone else picking what I wear. i like to change what I wear so even though initially I thought it was a great idea, im starting to be skeptical about it because I like to wear different stuff and buy unique things. I dont trust someone else to do it.

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  31. Joseph Crangle
    Joseph Crangle 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    If you were doing reviews of online-sourced menswear 10 years ago, it would be slim pickings. Today, I don't know how you'll have time to review all the great stuff that's out there. Great videos!

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  32. Jovan Valls
    Jovan Valls 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Great channel! Looking forward to more videos

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  33. Clean Cut
    Clean Cut 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Been watching for a bit now. Just grabbed a subscription to both to see what the hubbub is about. Looking forward to my first packages! Keep up the videos.

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  34. jason gentry
    jason gentry 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    How do you feel about Calvin Klein clothing I have a lot there clothes and I want branch out to other brands with good quailty with 100 percent material like cotton or wool

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  35. Crisas31
    Crisas31 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Definitely do a tailoring video, please!

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  36. Lincoln Meikle
    Lincoln Meikle 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    I would keep the pants, they look nice and slim fit with the cropped look.

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  37. SandboxGamesInc. (AKA Asiaboy2008)
    SandboxGamesInc. (AKA Asiaboy2008) 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    thx for your recommendation of bonobos….got my first delivery and really impressed for the price. Never buying J.Crew again lol

    Reply this comment
  38. Sculpin
    Sculpin 23 June, 2017, 19:10

    Do you think five for club is worth the price? what do you think is the best clothing service for the money?

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