Nicki Minaj Hates Lady Gaga Comparison

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Is Nicki Minaj offended by comparisons to Lady Gaga? Hey guys, welcome back to ClevverMusic. Now while most of you little monsters would LOVE to be compared to Gaga, that is so not the case for Nicki Minaj. In fact, Nicki told ABC News that there really is nothing to compare. When asked if she was offended when people draw parallels between the two fashion-forward females, Nicki’s responded with: “Offends me, no. Irks me, yes.”

Nicki’s take? The two are “in completely different lanes” – pointing out that she herself is a rapper from southside Jamaica, Queens.Now when the interviewer pointed out that they both wear wigs, Nicki couldn’t help but point out that quote- “Every female in this game – every female in this game – wears wigs.” OK — well, what about their similar fashion style? Nicki’s take “Over-the-top costomes? *ehhhh* try again.” Clearly, Nicki’s not a fan of the comparison….but she is a fan of Lady Gaga herself.

“Gaga’s a fantastic artist, you know, she paved her way,” “She’s opened her own lane. But I think that I have my own lane, and we never cross. Ever. So, you know, I really don’t get the comparison anymore. Our music doesn’t sound the same. Our stage presence is not the same. I just can’t see the similarities.”
So what do you guys think? Would you put Nicki and Gaga in the same category, or are they two completely different artists? Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to ClevverMusic. Thanks for watching, I’ll see you next time!

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  1. Lady gaga monster
    Lady gaga monster 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    If there someone should be offended its gaga cause nicki is a trash

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  2. chichim squishyface
    chichim squishyface 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    I vote gaga

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  3. FranFran440 :3
    FranFran440 :3 26 June, 2017, 13:19


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  4. GUILLAUME Boudreaux
    GUILLAUME Boudreaux 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    czech lady gaga se znáži copirovat madonu a niják se jej nedáři madona vždícky zustáne jednom jédna a madona je lepší

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  5. Eijenn Carl Mendoza
    Eijenn Carl Mendoza 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    they're both amazing in Different Ways …

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  6. Jehad Albanna
    Jehad Albanna 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    They both wear ugly clothing

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  7. Taco Loco
    Taco Loco 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    They both try too hard to stand out….that makes them the same…lol

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    EGYPTQUILTS1 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Gaga scary wild. Nicky crazy sensuous.

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  9. Yolanda Alicea
    Yolanda Alicea 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Gaga is better, and nicki minaj
    Looks like a fake barbe doll with
    A blonde wig

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  10. Norma Barrera
    Norma Barrera 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Both are completely unique and talented in their own ways.

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  11. Norma Barrera
    Norma Barrera 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Both are completely different! There is no similarities in the music or style whatsoever

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  12. Wing Lau
    Wing Lau 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Seriously, I dont like Nikci at all and I LOVE LOVE LOVE GAGA so much but Nicki was right, they aren't the same and their music aren't the same either.

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  13. Richard Ffrench
    Richard Ffrench 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Gaga is better

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  14. Le xuan Chau
    Le xuan Chau 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Lady gaga,not nicki!!!

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  15. 03muntie
    03muntie 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    lady gaga is better

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  16. cocotreasure
    cocotreasure 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    the reason why I think people compare nikki and gaga is because they both took the blueprints for success from someone else in an attempt to create their own.

    Nicki Minaj is to Lil Kim as Lady GaGa is to Madonna….

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  17. marco terzi
    marco terzi 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Lady Gaga totally change the pop scene

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  18. robert58063
    robert58063 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Who the fuck cares they both fucking suck and their style is fucking generic any ways. Most people who listen to them are just tasteless retards.

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  19. salima azhar
    salima azhar 26 June, 2017, 13:19
  20. adriene jones
    adriene jones 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    well I cant say anything because they do have there owns lane so theres nothing to compare

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  21. latinfantazy01
    latinfantazy01 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Nicki Minaj is trash

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  22. chanyong park
    chanyong park 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    they are two both difference artist

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    JANDALIARTIST 26 June, 2017, 13:19
  24. Jonathan L
    Jonathan L 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    Nicki Minaj copies Lady Gaga so she dont want ppl to compare them. Done! – _

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  25. __ayomarjai xoxo
    __ayomarjai xoxo 26 June, 2017, 13:19

    No they are not the same

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