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Welcome back to another Beauty Reawakened video! Today I will be discussing my thoughts on the Mahalo Skin Care Line! Maryna was kind enough to send me some goodies in the mail and I am totally in love with the product line, and can honestly say my skin has improved in many ways.



Mahalo Vitality Elixer

Mahalo Petal Mask

Mahalo Pele Mask

Mahalo Vacation Glow


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Welcome to Beauty Reawakened. My videos are dedicated to my passion; Full Body Beauty. FBB means feeling and looking beautiful in result of having a healthy, active lifestyle and a positive, open mind. I am passionate about educating women on how to live a healthy and beautiful life while feeling confident in their own skin. I am a certified makeup artist and hair stylist in Vancouver BC and I am intrigued by the power of skincare and how it impacts the result of a makeup application.

Disclaimer: My passion for sharing and educating women on natural beauty is the purpose of my YouTube chancel. All products mentioned have been used by me, all supplements had been recommended by health care professionals (for myself) I am not a Medial Doctor or Medical Professional and this is simply my opinion and what has worked for me. Please consult with your Doctor or Practitioner before using any supplemental product. The products mentioned in my videos have either been purchased by me, or gifted from a company.

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