Pacifica Non Toxic Beauty Care

Pacifica Non Toxic Beauty Care

While at Whole Foods I found a vegan line of beauty care that I’d seen before but I wasn’t aware that they are vegan and appears to be non toxic and very close to pure ingredients. I think the products are a good transition for those who want to phase out their old toxic chemical cosmetics.
For lotion I simply use coconut oil or olive oil.
Hope this info helps someone!

Here’s the info I was able to come up with for the mystery ingredients. Most info was taken from Wikipedia.

Soy Wax: Not known to cause cancer. Inhalation and ingestion are considered safe. But it seems to be the same as hydrogenated soybean oil. When ingested in large quantities of food this is not actually a healthy option. But what about traces in the lip balm that may be ingested throughout the day?

Candelilla wax: derived from the leaves of the small Candelilla shrub native to northern Mexico and the southwestern United States. Used as a vegan substitute for beeswax. Possibly questionable. What is this wax coating doing in my body after I’ve ingested tiny amounts for years? Maybe it is safe. Maybe not. I’ll try to find out more info.

Natural Flavor: This term, used in the cosmetics industry, refers to the essential oils used. Or extractions from fruit, plant materials, spices, etc. If it’s a non vegan product then the “natural flavor” could be derived from animal products such as eggs, etc.

Tocopherol: refers to a class of chemical compounds many of which have vitamin E activity. Not sure if the chemicals are safe.

Need more info on long term effects of these ingredients.

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