Pantone color book review for fashion designers (TCX vs TPX?!)

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If you work in fashion, you have to use Pantone colors. But how do you know what colors to use? And what’s the difference between TCX & TPX codes? This video will tell you what you need to know.

You will learn:
00:13 What are Pantone colors and how do they work? What industries use them?
Why do I need to use them?
00:58 The Pantone Color Bridge book to compare Pantone to CMYK colors
01:50 The difference between Pantone TCX vs TPX codes (and how much these little books cost!)
02:20 The Pantone Textile Color Specifier (TPX) vs The Pantone Cotton Passport (TCX) and the pros and cons of each
04:21 How the colors are organized in each book, how to find the color you need, and how do the TCX colors compare to the TPX colors (hint: you may not be impressed!)
05:10 If you could only have one Pantone book for fashion, which one should you get?
06:00 How to use Pantone colors in Illustrator? Check out this tutorial:
07:00 What to do if you’re not sure what color standards you need to use.


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  1. Nicole Lyon
    Nicole Lyon 19 May, 2017, 08:01

    Another great video. 👍🏻

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