Phenomenal Over Forty Beauty Skin Care Regimen Morning Steps Simple Effective Cleanse and Moisturize

Phenomenal Over Forty Beauty Skin Care Regimen Morning Steps Simple Effective Cleanse and Moisturize

Hi, It’s not necessarily about trying to look half our age (though that’s wonderful too). It is about being healthy and looking refreshed wherever we are on life’s timeline. We can all squeeze in a couple of minutes each day to tend to our harried selves in a simple step or a detailed routine to look and feel phenomenal. Being over forty does not mean you are too late too begin a great routine specific to your needs.

I share with you in this video my early morning steps before I get swept up into the day. I have several other products I am really crazy about in addition to the ones I show, but these are great starters. I will do more videos introducing the other items that I stand by for my skin’s well-being. I believe we can all look, feel and be phenomenal over forty with a smidge of tender loving care toward ourselves. We are worth it! Hope you enjoy and thanks so much for joining me.

*** There are varying school of thought on the order of applying products. This is my preferred way, but keep in mind if your serum is thinner or lighter than your oil, it is also a good idea to put that on first then the oils especially for very dry skin. Again I alternate and adjust accordingly and so I recommend you try steps and see what works best for your skin type. Also, coconut oil is not noncomedogenic (meaning it can block pores), so if you are prone to breakouts, just use the jojoba and argan essential oil blends.

Products demonstrated:

Thayer’s Witchazel and cucumber toner
Coconut oil
Blend of oils:
Carrier oil – jojoba or sweet almond
Essential oils – rose hip, argan, frankincense
Serum – hyaluronic acid 1% professional strength, CPN Organic
Moisturizer – Wrinkle cream DMAE CoQ10, Clinique Dramatically Different
Lemon water

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