POND’S Cold Cream Review & Demo! | Kylie Jenner’s Favourite Cleanser

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Pond’s cold cream is one of Kylie Jenner’s favourite cold creams, and its quite affordable so I thought I’d test it out for myself! So here’s my review. In this video, I will also be reviewing Pond’s dry skin cream as well.

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Check out Pond’s cold cream: http://www.ponds.us/product/detail/95877/cold-cream-cleanser-makeup-remover


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  1. Kara Allen
    Kara Allen 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I just picked up the dry skin one and omg just put it on and my akin,has never felt so good!! And Its so cheap! 😍

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  2. Mystical Princess
    Mystical Princess 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I just bought this today!

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  3. No Name
    No Name 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I have the moisturizer! It's my favorite cause the two main ingredients r water and mineral oil, very natural and its hypoallergenic! 😍

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  4. Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    you're literally flawless 😍

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  5. Cathy's Corner
    Cathy's Corner 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    Both kinds of ponds can be used for removing makeup and moisturizing. :). The company just added on " cleanser" so as to let consumers know. I've used the original all for 20 years ( yeah I'm old lol)

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  6. Cyndilouwho xo
    Cyndilouwho xo 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    Your skin is beautiful

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  7. slice of life
    slice of life 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    would the cream work well for combination skin?

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  8. yarilandia
    yarilandia 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    i been using ponds since i was 13 since i started using makeup I'm 36 and everybody complements me about my face, i look like 19 the same add my mom she's 64 and she looks in her late 40s. I'm telling you ponds and cold water is the best thing for your face, never soap no matter what.

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  9. Camille Tolentino
    Camille Tolentino 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    omg your skin!!! so perfect <3

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  10. Sonya CH
    Sonya CH 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I always wash my hands before doing skin care. That way it keeps contamination down to a minimum.

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  11. Chrissy Long
    Chrissy Long 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I stopped wearing makeup for a week and the only product I put on my face was the ponds dry skin cream and it made me break out even more

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  12. Emily Noneya
    Emily Noneya 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I been using the ponds moisturizer for the past week and it has made me break out is this something that goes away after your face gets used to the change .

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  13. CLewisReading M
    CLewisReading M 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I use a QTip to get the product out

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  14. Kathiria Charriez
    Kathiria Charriez 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I love Pond's. I been using it since I was 15, I'm 20 now. It's a really great product, truly recommend it.

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  15. Grace Otakulove
    Grace Otakulove 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I recently got the dry skin moisturizer, it's soooo nice~ I usually shake the container before opening it and just take the moisturizer off the inside of the lid–makes it a lot easier to get product. πŸ™‚ You can also use a small plastic spoon as well to scoop some product out~

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  16. Stefany Iorio
    Stefany Iorio 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I cannot find the one for oily skin?! I have the moisturizer & the cold cream one and I love them both.. been using them for about 6 months now.. but my skins not always dry sometimes I wake up with oily skin esp. on the sides of my nose and chin..anyone know where to get the oily skin one?! I didn't even know they had that..I've never seen itπŸ˜•

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  17. Dee Manfre
    Dee Manfre 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    You can use a teaspoon or plastic spoon to remove some of the cream, that way ur fingers don't go into the jar each time!! In the U.K. they have ponds for oily skin too!!

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  18. fallfool -
    fallfool - 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    damn it i wanted to see the blue on first lmao

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  19. Mary-Elizabeth
    Mary-Elizabeth 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    oh my gosh ur skin in 100% flawless wtf

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  20. Jasmine Flower
    Jasmine Flower 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I just bought the cleansing one and just used it πŸ‘Œ wow. going to buy the moisturizer tomorrow! you have gorgeous skin btw. my skin is beyond dry. it's disgusting! and I've used some hella expensive products! awesome reviewπŸ‘

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  21. cats are better than people
    cats are better than people 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I just started to use this and my makeup just melts off, and my skin had a bunch of those tiny bumps under the skin, under my eye…they are clearing up, and my pores seem less noticeable as well..You did a great job reviewing this product, thank you..

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  22. caitlyn who r u
    caitlyn who r u 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    can you use the blue moisturizer if you have oily skin?

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  23. Dolli Doll
    Dolli Doll 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    not fair ! Its expensive here in Holland. 19 euro's for 269 grams

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  24. Mya Henderson
    Mya Henderson 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    i bought the dry skin one, im praying that i get a positive outcome. i put it on before bed, i hope i don't breakout anymore than i have been in the past few weeks 😭

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  25. Malina Adriano
    Malina Adriano 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    The moisturizer is my favorite. It's the only one that I've really liked. I love the smell of it and it really really helps my skin. I like the cold cream but I generally don't like cream makeup removers πŸ˜‚

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  26. Daisy Zamora
    Daisy Zamora 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    your skin looks dewy n plump 😍

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  27. Klassy Chick
    Klassy Chick 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    nice video, i have a channel as well if you're keen to check me out maybe we can support each other?

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  28. ashley nicole0716
    ashley nicole0716 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    they have them in travel size (:

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  29. Paige's of Beauty
    Paige's of Beauty 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    Your skin is Godsend πŸ˜³πŸ‘‘πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’‹ just bought me some of this today- the cold cream ! Can't wait to use it again tonight !

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  30. Ayesha Zia
    Ayesha Zia 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    very helpful review….thank you <3

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  31. Loosie Loo
    Loosie Loo 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    I bought this two days ago after trying almost ever moisturizer on the market from cheap ones bought at sephora. This stuff works extremely well. My face was so dry I had bumps on it and now they are almost gone after two days of use.

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  32. C
    C 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    very detailed πŸ™‚ thank you

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  33. Emely
    Emely 5 June, 2017, 02:15

    Great video! I'm currently trying a homemade ver. of this cold cream so I'm like watching cold cream videos left and right. Honestly why didn't they teach us about this in school 😭 My dry skin would've been very thankful.

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