Quick& easy office makeup look ||under5 minutes||and most affordable||priyadeep beautycare in hindi

Quick& easy office makeup look ||under5 minutes||and most affordable||priyadeep beautycare in hindi

Hi friends welcome priyadeep beauty care today I share with u a quick and easy office makeup look I hope u guys enjoy my video
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Gohnsons baby cream as a moisturizer 65
PATANJALI aloevera gel as a primer 80
Neutrogena sunscreen 549
Lakme cc cream Beige 299
Lakme Matt complexion compact 375
Himalaya baby powder 280

Ads eyebrow pawder

Ellwin lip liner 35

Maybelline color show creamy matt lipcolor mysterious mocha 325
7heven lipstick 260
Maybelline colossal liner 425

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    The Artist /Jeff 21 June, 2017, 19:18

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