Review: Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

Review: Klairs Mochi BB Cushion

This is quite a lovely cushion, but the colour isn’t quite right for me.

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  1. Dᴇsᴛɪɴʏ
    Dᴇsᴛɪɴʏ 16 July, 2017, 18:09

    The packaging is adorable, but it's such a shame that it only comes in one shade.Who's idea was this? :/

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  2. Joanne Tran
    Joanne Tran 16 July, 2017, 18:09

    thank you

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  3. Bri
    Bri 16 July, 2017, 18:09

    It's so nice to find a beauty blogger who's a kiwi AND has a pale skin tone that's not cool,, I'm lucky to have found your channel Becca this is a blessing for me

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  4. Natalia Pessoa
    Natalia Pessoa 16 July, 2017, 18:09

    You're the best base reviewer! I hope you review VDL!

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  5. Kimmie Kim
    Kimmie Kim 16 July, 2017, 18:09

    hi girl 😃

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  6. Shivani Mhatre
    Shivani Mhatre 16 July, 2017, 18:09

    mine comment is first 😘😊i love u dea ur skin is alwasys look so gorgeous i always watch ur video i feel so fresh ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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