Sensationnel Instant Fashion Wig Inna Review | Slaying UNDER $20 ft Bodiedbykeira

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Sensationnel Instant Fashion Wig Inna runs for around $17 dollars and I purchased it from This wig comes in a lot of colors and has a really nice texture my only con was some tangling and the part. The color was absolutely gorgeous in HL27 which is super unique.

I Purchased this wig for $17.98 here :

Name: INNA (Instant fashion wig couture
Brand: Sensationnel
Color: Hl27
-Safe up to 350 degrees
-100% premium fiber

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  1. Curly Q
    Curly Q 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    lol Am I too late for the giveaway?? 😂 jk but I still like this wig. I'm going to try it

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  2. Brianna Ross
    Brianna Ross 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    How do you feel about the edges being a different color than your natural hair color?

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  3. Tia Allen
    Tia Allen 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    why do it look so bulk

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  4. kiki174987
    kiki174987 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Great review… Watched a bunch of vids about this wig and No one else mentioned the skin top part. Which I hate, it always has a line of demarcation bet the skin top and lace. Wish I watched your video before I ordered this . Oh well at least it was cheap

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  5. Nenjazi
    Nenjazi 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Really really pretty eyes!! And the unit looks great on you! Love the natural make up look!!

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    JUICEY BAHAMIAN 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I love this but I can't get this cause there's no combs

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  7. Ms. Chocolate
    Ms. Chocolate 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I've had this wig for two weeks. At first I adored it but now , and it's a tangled mess !! Does anyone have any suggestions to reduce frizziness ?

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  8. Aries Beauty
    Aries Beauty 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I feel you on the parting I had to tweeeeezzzzeeeeee on my Inna video you will see if tweezeeeeedddd the mess out of it

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  9. Elasta Girl
    Elasta Girl 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I ordered this wig and my right side is not curled like the other. plus you can see the tracks in the back 🙁

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  10. Mrs T Berry
    Mrs T Berry 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    loving that color!!

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  11. Sonya Jones
    Sonya Jones 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    can I apply a liquid concealer and blow dry it on the silk top also do you consider it a thick or thin wig

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  12. Dolly Diva
    Dolly Diva 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    is it true it has a silk base closure?

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  13. Morena Azucar
    Morena Azucar 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Great review. Thank you for sharing.

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  14. Krystal Elle
    Krystal Elle 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Love this color and highlights on this one!

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  15. MsBabyBody
    MsBabyBody 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I do luv the color on you …Great review 🙂

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  16. GirlRatesWorld
    GirlRatesWorld 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Thanks for this review on inna. I've always wanted to try this one 😍😍😍

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    FAUXHAIR FABULOUS 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I have this wig in blonde and will be doing a review on it soon. I agree that although it's pretty, it is more of a costume wig. The wig on you looks more realistic than mine does on me. It may be the color. GREAT job, once again!

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  18. FrenchPoodle08
    FrenchPoodle08 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I was just looking to get this hair!!! love it on you! Girl I'm bout to buy up all of

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  19. miss breezy
    miss breezy 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    great video! thanks for this opportunity !!

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  20. Peyton Charles
    Peyton Charles 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    You look so pretty in this video! I love the color but I understand what u mean about the silk top. I don't like silk base closure myself which surprises people but they look so unnatural to me. Love this video! Love u

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    PUREICANDI 9 May, 2017, 19:57


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  22. StyleMyyKurvz Kira
    StyleMyyKurvz Kira 9 May, 2017, 19:57


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  23. Frances Chavez
    Frances Chavez 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I really like the color. The dark, the blond, and it looks like a reddish/brown look great together. I love the colors on you. I've seen lots of reviews on INNA and she is a pretty popular unit.

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  24. marquita83
    marquita83 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    yess very cute i liked how you fixed it up!! you always do a great job!! 🙂 tfs!!

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  25. BEAUTY with JEUNIE B
    BEAUTY with JEUNIE B 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Have heard such wonderful things about Inna. But I didn't purchase because I think I read somewhere it does not come with straps.

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  26. Connie Brown Walker
    Connie Brown Walker 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    very pretty thanks for sharing,

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  27. Fab Nish
    Fab Nish 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    So gorgeous!! You slayed this hair, the color looks great on you!

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  28. Faith T
    Faith T 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    ok i just read the the Description box and saw the rating on shedding 😟. Very beautiful wig though😊

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  29. Faith T
    Faith T 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I love this color and style on you! Now, I have Mackenzie in the color you reviewed and she sheds like crazy! Like crazy crazy. Does this one shed much after cutting it??

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  30. candypoo1100
    candypoo1100 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    gorgeous !!!!!!!!

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    DEIDRA DAZZLING 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Hey great review SUGA, that's how I felt about Alpine Meadow. It's CUTE but not for me, LOLOLOL But I also LOVE that you are giving it away too! ❤️❤️❤️

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  32. Glenda Windham
    Glenda Windham 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    pretty colors

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  33. curlsbygrace
    curlsbygrace 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Girl you are just radiant in this video love the wig:)

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  34. Asia Sharay
    Asia Sharay 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    i cant wait for it im buying it now lol

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  35. Rose Petal509
    Rose Petal509 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    color is really pretty

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  36. Allthingsbeauty101
    Allthingsbeauty101 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Yass girl you got with that part tho!!

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    CEREYZA 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    😔 all these yaki wigs, I have yet to see a perfect silky texture synthetic wig. it's still cute tho!

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  38. Della Gobble
    Della Gobble 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    I love that color! Looks so pretty on you. I love Inna. I have her in 3 colors and it is one of my favorites!

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  39. TaragayeNicole
    TaragayeNicole 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    The highlighted colored look on this unit is very pretty 😍😍😍

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  40. BodiedBykeira
    BodiedBykeira 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    Told you it looks great!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this with me & asking me to be apart of this video. It was cool. But! Great review love the video like always❤️ 😁

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  41. Rhoda Jones
    Rhoda Jones 9 May, 2017, 19:57

    just started wearing wigs having personal problems with my hair loss. when love to have this wigs I need all the help I can get wigs are very costless

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