“So What Have We Learned?” Tucker Reviews Media Coverage of Trump’s First Trip

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5-25-17: Tucker Carlson and Charles Krauthammer break down the significance of President Trump’s First Trip.

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  1. Allegronaut
    Allegronaut 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Charles Krauthammer is a very controlled well spoken intellectual, but I'm tired of people like him who make all these preposterous excuses for Obama's behavior as president. Obama is at his roots a muslim and an enemy of the republic of The United States. He's scammed everyone into thinking that he's a good person who was naively pursuing global peace. Read his book, "Dreams Of My Father" and it will explain him perfectly. How can anyone in their right mind think Obama is a patriot of this country when he gave billions of dollars of hard-earned American money to Iran with an open invitation and opportunity to obtain nuclear weapons?

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  2. Jack Bailey
    Jack Bailey 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Fox News: Trump spoke in Saudi Arabia, spoke on defeating extremists…was the first sitting US president to visit the Western Wall…visited the Pope.
    CNN, MSNBC, ABC: Trump touched a glowing ball…Melania slapped Trumps hand away…Trump colluded with the Russians here's the hundredth time but this time it is real!

    While Fox News is biased, they actually acknowledge their biases and report on the issues as fair and unbiased as possible while CNN fails to acknowledge their biases and try to cover up and gloss over a serious news story like the Manchester attack. So I like Fox better than everybody else.

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  3. T.R.H. *
    T.R.H. * 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    White power, you bet your black ass and don't you ever forget it, boys and girls.You were never slaves it was all a dream, like kings.

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  4. lldd11
    lldd11 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Saudis are more moderate that Syria? This guy is out of his mind too… All politicians suck.

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  5. mfe111
    mfe111 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    the point here is not weather you agree with trump or not on this trips goals, the point is the incompetence, bias and showllowness of the lib media.

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  6. Stev op62
    Stev op62 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    I Love Melania ! And I Want her Back ! No Really

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  7. Lannister
    Lannister 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Fukkin saudis… "Good arabs" – Wtf you talking about! Saudis are faaar from being good.3 minutes later: Ooooohhh so Israel is the good guy and Iraq is the new bad… Fukkin yew damn. Sunni arabs are "moderate". That's a #topkek right there.

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  8. NothingButTheTruth
    NothingButTheTruth 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    What did we learn? Trump is a cuck for both Israel and the Saudis. Hmm.

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  9. Shakyamuni Buddha Siddhārtha Gautama
    Shakyamuni Buddha Siddhārtha Gautama 4 June, 2017, 01:48


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  10. PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte
    PPaco N. Martinez-Garoutte 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    DR> Krauthammer is brilliant in this segment! Kudos to you, sir.

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  11. Belcanto401
    Belcanto401 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    The US media outlets are ran by men & women who just got out of their diapers.

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  12. Big Ray
    Big Ray 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Yes, destroy Iran because they have a democracy which doesn't want a Rothchild central bank in their country.

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  13. Derrick G
    Derrick G 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Wtf is Krauthammer talking about? Moderate Arabs, Sunni Arabs, Golf Arabs. There is nothing moderate about the Islamic Golf countries. Iran is much more moderate than Saudi Arabia. There is much more religious diversity in Iran than SA. Saudi Arabia has no churches, synagogues, or anything other than mosques for houses of worship in the entire country. That's because it's illegal for a house of worship other than a mosque to be built. ISIS is more moderate than SA on the issue of religious freedom. It's their interpretation (Wahhabism) which causes the majority of religious oppression around the world. They are the ones producing extremists in Europe by pumping oil money into Wahhabi mosques and building new ones across the continent. They are the ones with an ideology basically identical to that of ISIS. Fuck the Sunni Golf states. It's a sad fucking state of affairs that we're allied with these oppressors.

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  14. Traudi  Lepse
    Traudi Lepse 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Why are Putin and Assad 'The Baddies here' ? Facts please !!

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  15. john smith
    john smith 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    AHHAHHA  WE called Karuthammer for "facts". Ugh Tucker your first Fail.

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  16. Brandon Chastain
    Brandon Chastain 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Taking sides in the Sunni vs. Shia conflict is a plain mistake.

    Krauthammer: "Aligning with Shiites means aligning with Russia, Assad, Hezbollah, and all the bad guys in the region…"

    …forgetting some notable groups in this list huh?

    Al Qaeda: Sunni
    ISIS: Sunni

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  17. GrassFedMeats
    GrassFedMeats 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Saudis are not pro American

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  18. Vicky JohnsTon
    Vicky JohnsTon 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Seems many news medias just only show partial news deals or go with the things some liberals will love to hear on Trump being not a great President. Again, Trump went to those different countries to talk on how to get rid of the terrorisms of wars and how to be able to debunk ISIS and abolish the hate that some people have been feeling. One person had said, Trump sold weapons to Saudi Arabia and seriously most of our Presidents have been doing this for years. I told that person that. Again, how do we get some liberal people to see the clear things happening all over the world. As some liberal people think that muslim people are like how they are. They have never seen the real news coverage of a woman being stoned to death, or beheaded or shot in the head. These liberals really don't know how women in the muslim countries are treated, as they stay home most of the time, they have to fully cover themselves when going places. Also, some muslim men have raped females or boys of any age. Right now there are muslim people in Europe causing problems. In the USA we need to get rid of all the sanctuary cities and those illegal immigrants need to show proper ids, as some or many of them maybe criminals. Obama let them into the USA with being checked out throughly. Seems the liberal democratic politicians overlooked most things Obama did while he was our President. Never telling Obama not to use the taxpayers money for his vacations or told him not to send money to another country. Obama is suppose to be going to court now, but he is evading on going. Hoping that it has been stopped on Obama's using the taxpayers money on anything he is doing now.

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  19. Kitty Watson
    Kitty Watson 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Trump has changed the middle East conversations…..and this is awesome!

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  20. Cody Thompson
    Cody Thompson 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    So savage

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  21. ANHZ 52
    ANHZ 52 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    impeachment and imprisonment for trump

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  22. Mary Hamm
    Mary Hamm 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    The hand thing was a fist bump, not slapping his hand away, they fist bumped, you left idiots.

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  23. Graham D
    Graham D 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    The man has no clue that it is Wahabi Salafi Sunni Muslims that are the worst of an extremely deranged ideology and comes directly from Saudi Arabia, not saying the Shiites are any better because they are as retarded as their neighbours when it comes to their barbaric oppressive ideology. The US and Europe should not support either of them, Israel should be the only country we should be committed to defend and ally with, they have experienced Islamic terror far longer than the west.

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  24. Julie Krueger
    Julie Krueger 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Absolutely!! You got it, love you Tucker!!!

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  25. Brewsky
    Brewsky 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    Tucker stop speaking to the liberal left wing hacks interview people like Charles who always makes sense we are tired of watching you arguing with these empty headed liberal leftist idiots who cannot debate on simple straight forward issues don't give them airtime interview level headed people with common sense so that people with brains in there heads who argue issues that make sense ,American people on the left no matter how educated are really stupid .I am not American I stem from Africa and It's very obvious that there's something affecting any rational thought,unfortunately it's to late you are doomed to there stupidity and this will lead to a civil unrest in your country akin to a civil war mark. my words .

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  26. truMalma
    truMalma 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    he says : the Saudis, moderates, etc etc. not the Saudi moderates. Big difference.

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  27. Steve Franks
    Steve Franks 4 June, 2017, 01:48

    How can you call the Sunni moderate. Saudi waharbi Islam is the most hard line, medieval, political Islam out there. This is the country where you can be executed for being gay, blasphemy, an atheist or an apostate of Islam. Stoned to death for adultary, and amputations for theft. To describe them as moderate shows you understand nothing on this subject.

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