Spring Empties! Home, Health & Beauty | 2017

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Hello my lovers! Today I have a crap load of empties to share with you! I have some home, health and beauty products… a lot of which I’d repurchase! If you want to hear the full run down, then just keep watching :0)

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✭ON MY NAILS: Essie Winning Streak*: https://goo.gl/fK2kKs

✭Bath and Body Works Peppermint Marshmallow 3 Wick Candle: https://goo.gl/Y8YA6b
✭Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint 3 Wick Candle: https://goo.gl/Xm2KeP
✭Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel 3 Wick Candle: https://goo.gl/4tfX0O
✭Bath and Body Works White Gardenia 3 Wick Candle: https://goo.gl/2ioeQ8
✭Up & Up Eucalyptus Spearmint Epsom Salt: https://goo.gl/XhK4HL
✭Mulein and Sparrow French Lavender Body Oil: https://goo.gl/hr4tZx
✭NOW Jasmine Essential Oil: https://goo.gl/fbe7Sn
✭NOW Organic Orange Essential Oil: https://goo.gl/mW5E1C
✭NOW Lemon Essential Oil: https://goo.gl/z8yvQY
✭Simple Sensitive Skin Care Makeup Removing Wipes: http://shopstyle.it/l/hJ5
✭Sephora Rose Cleansing Wipes: http://shopstyle.it/l/hJ6
✭Burts Bees Cleansing Oil: http://shopstyle.it/l/hKa
✭Proactiv Renewing Cleanser: https://goo.gl/LnCQLr
✭Kate Somerville Daily Detox Cleanser*: https://goo.gl/19JEl1
✭Kate Somerville Exfolikate Treatment: https://goo.gl/MyQdKU
✭LUSH Tea Tree Toner Water: https://goo.gl/Jbn3aD
✭Clinical Care Skin Solutions ToneZit Toner*: https://goo.gl/Y8nhVG
✭Yes To Blueberries Eye Firming Treatment: http://shopstyle.it/l/hKo
✭Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Pen*: http://shopstyle.it/l/hKs
✭Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil: http://shopstyle.it/l/hK5
✭Nivea A Kiss of Milk and Honey Lip Balm: http://shopstyle.it/l/hK6
✭Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm: http://shopstyle.it/l/hK8
✭Bath and Body Works Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel: https://goo.gl/APYEQh
✭Degree Cool Rush Deodorant: https://goo.gl/W2MXKU
✭Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLo
✭LUSH Daddyo Shampoo: https://goo.gl/jzYh5W
✭Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLu
✭Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in Ivory: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLv
✭Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 15 Fair: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLx
✭Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Black Brown: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLA
✭Anastasia Clear Brow Gel: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLC
✭Anastasia Brow Definer in Taupe: http://shopstyle.it/l/hLF

Woohoo! Thank you so much for watching! I hope you found this somewhat helpful/entertaining. Please like and subscribe if you’d like to see more of my face, because I’d certainly like to see more of yours ;0)

This is not a sponsored video! Items marked with * were sent to me for my consideration. All opinions are my own, of course 🙂
Some links may be affiliate links.

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  1. Teage Garbaczewski
    Teage Garbaczewski 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    non scented Epsom salt is usually in the pharmacy section rather than bath.

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  2. Jamie Lewison
    Jamie Lewison 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I could watch an empties video of yours for 10 hours! You have the absolute BEST empties ever!!

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  3. Sara Thompson
    Sara Thompson 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    where do you get your essential oils?

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  4. Moonlitboulevard
    Moonlitboulevard 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I just switched over to the Native all natural deodorant in the scent coconut vanilla and highly recommend it. I love watching all of your videos! They're always so enjoyable! 🙂

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  5. Heather Bryant
    Heather Bryant 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Your videos are like a pillow talk session lol

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  6. Jennifer Schneck
    Jennifer Schneck 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I love my Sunday mornings with Amy! :)….which mall do you go to that has a Lush store? I wanted to go in to take a look and pick up some bath bombs, but Santa Clarita does not have a Lush store. :/ Love your videos and you! <3

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  7. boredhuman69
    boredhuman69 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    If you have oily hair, try I Love Juicy by Lush. I use it with my hair and it's amazing and smells sooooo good

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  8. Madison Tolman
    Madison Tolman 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Where did you get your purple/lavender sheets? I've been looking everywhere for some!

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  9. FeiFeiKara
    FeiFeiKara 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Have you tried the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask? I use it at night and it's super hydrating. $20 range on Amazon.

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  10. Jason Heiserman
    Jason Heiserman 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I have the lOReal mask but I didn't know you peel it?!? 😂😂 I've been doing it all wrong

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  11. Erin Enyart
    Erin Enyart 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    For the Anthropologie candles I buy, that for some reason never burn evenly, I scoop out the leftover wax and put it in a wax warmer. I can't bear to just throw it away! New subscriber!

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  12. MissMollie92
    MissMollie92 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    You could buy teacandles and take out the wax. The string often is loose on those. Then melt your old candles in a waterbath and put in the teacandles and use the good smelling ones up! Hope you understood what i meant, im from sweden 😅🙈🕯

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  13. Leah Kimpel
    Leah Kimpel 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Amy, my husband and I are Harry Potter fans and we recently joined a subscription box called J.K Rowling's Wizarding World by Loot Crate. This month we're getting these ADORABLE cat plates inspired by Professor Umbridge. I am not a cat person but they are so flippin cute and they actually look like something you would enjoy because they are floral. 🌺

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  14. Erica Herrera
    Erica Herrera 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Hi Amy. When you got to the body butter and realized you had a little more left, it reminded me of one of my must have products–The Spatty Daddy lets you get every last drop of your favorite products!! Bonus: no product stuck under your fingernails. 🙂

    Spatty Daddy 6" Pink Extend Your Beauty Tool https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BOCSTM4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_k2tfzb8TK4TYD

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  15. Taylor C
    Taylor C 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Have you tried the aluminum foil trick for candles? I discovered it recently and it helps all candles burn evenly!!

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  16. Celeste Moore
    Celeste Moore 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    The Yes to Blueberries eye cream is the beeeeesssst!!!

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  17. Karley Garza
    Karley Garza 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Natural deodorant recommendation: If you haven't already, try Schmidt's. It's not bad!

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  18. Ellie
    Ellie 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Do those candles burn down easily and does scent last to very end?

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  19. AutumnOriginals
    AutumnOriginals 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I have been thinking about getting a diffuser. Can you make another video on it for let me know which video you already have on that? I can't find it when I search your channel

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  20. GoinK03
    GoinK03 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    PiperWai deodorant, order it online!

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  21. TheJDSeibel
    TheJDSeibel 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I have a candle warmer that helps with problem candles like that! Even those ones that have half an inch of wax at the bottom still throw off so much more scent!

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  22. Ellen Moore
    Ellen Moore 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Lush should make scented Epsom salts!!

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  23. starterfamily
    starterfamily 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I'm sure you know this BUT candles have a "footprint" so the first time you burn it you need to let it burn all the way to the sides. Otherwise, it won't burn evenly.

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  24. Karen Carrington
    Karen Carrington 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Girl I love your channel! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  25. Janna Mouchtakova
    Janna Mouchtakova 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I've tried a ton of natural deodorants and The Dirty Goat deodorant is my absolute fave. It's a small indie business and you can only get it online so it does take a little longer to get to you but it's so worth it.

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  26. Macie C
    Macie C 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    For that anthropologie candle, you should clean it out and use it as a storage/decor piece. It's so cute!

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  27. Michelle Horn
    Michelle Horn 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I would recommend using Citric Acid Powder mixed with your dishwasher soap in your dishwasher while it is running. It helps keep your dishwasher clean and with the smell, don't understand why but it works. I always buy it in bulk at Nutters in Canada.

    I also use coconut oil on my face to help get rid of stubborn eye makeup than clean off with a cleansing wipe. I used to always use non-scented baby wipes until I was finding coconut, eucalyptus, etc. infused wipes at Winners.

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  28. Annie Pleinies
    Annie Pleinies 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Love essential oils! I think lavender and eucalyptus is my favorite combo ❤

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  29. everydaycarly
    everydaycarly 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Can you do a DIY video using your oils?

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  30. Nicola Patel
    Nicola Patel 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Try CO Bigelow's Rose Salve if you haven't already! It's super moisturizing as a lip balm and also works wonders on dry elbows, plus it has that natural rose scent you love.

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  31. Lbee47
    Lbee47 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I just got off work at 2 am and I need to be sleeping but I have to watch this because these are my favorite videos ever and Amy is my favorite person ever 🤗

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  32. tinabutterandjelly
    tinabutterandjelly 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I can usually find non scented epsom salt in the pharmacy section rather than the bath section. I like the scented kind, but I also don't like to mix it with my lush stuff. Maybe you'll be able to find it there next time 🙂

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  33. Vanessa Hall
    Vanessa Hall 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Yasss empties! Would love to see you try project panning some of your eyeshadow palettes or a blush!

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  34. Karen B
    Karen B 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Schmidts natural deodorant is the best natural line I've tried. They even have stick form instead of jars

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  35. sdarc28
    sdarc28 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    try the co bigelow 'my favorite night balm' for night time! it's incredible and you can get it at BB&W 🙂 i've gotten to the point where i have one with me at all times just in case.

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  36. Maggie Rogers
    Maggie Rogers 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    If you haven't tried LUSH's Curly Wurly shampoo you should! I swear by it now. My husband has psoriasis on his scalp and he LOVES Curly Wurly too!

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  37. Deja Grow
    Deja Grow 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    They have unscented Epsom salts at CVS. They come in like a cardboard milk carton. I believe near the pain relievers. 😄

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  38. Candice Blunt
    Candice Blunt 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    I hate empties videos, but I love you, so I thoroughly enjoyed this. 😂

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  39. HugeEgoSorry1032
    HugeEgoSorry1032 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Dude your nose is suuuuuuuper highlighted. Now in a bad way, in a cute, trendy way. Idk it just caught my attention. Love your home videos Amy 🙂 <3

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  40. Valerie Cristina
    Valerie Cristina 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Can you tell me where did you purchase your studs? ❤️❤️

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  41. LiveLaugh Layne
    LiveLaugh Layne 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Watermelon lime tea??????

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  42. Jillian Milena
    Jillian Milena 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Omg, you must try the Sephora COCONUT wipes!! I work at Sephora and I wear so much makeup & it literally takes off my waterproof liner + mascara ! Plus, they're super gentle and smell amazing 💓

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  43. Risharne Clark
    Risharne Clark 17 May, 2017, 15:22

    Kate Somerville products are so expensive! I'd like to try the exfoliator but it's way out of my price range

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