Start-up Update; RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer Review; Sustainable Fashion in Antwerp | VLOG 5

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Hello and welcome to my YouTube channel! My name is Veronica and I currently live in Italy.

On my channel, I will be talking & creating sustainable fashion and lifestyle related content.
Think organic skincare, high-quality clothing, cruelty-free makeup, zero waste tips and tricks. But also travel and maybe daily vlogs.

I will also be sharing with you my journey as I try to create a product and build a company that produces and operates with sustainaility in mind. It’s one thing to talk about brands and companies who do it good or wrong (in our opinion as a consumer), it’s something very different to do actually it yourself.

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  1. macantakai
    macantakai 28 May, 2017, 06:57

    Goodluck with your business! I had never heard of coaches for things like this until I read the miracle morning. Lovely makeup too! I'm going to invest in some makeup too. I emailed round a lot of companies to find out about how they source their mica. I found a company called Zao Organic who source their mica from spain so am looking forward to purchasing from them xx

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