Tatcha The Water Cream Review

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This is a decent moisturizer. This goes on to skin very easily and feels silky smooth. It also absorbs quickly. It isn’t heavily fragranced and I’m glad that the fragrance is at the end of the ingredient list after the good ingredients. I think in the summer this might be all my super dry skin will need. What I dislike about it is the fact that it is packaged in a jar so any good antioxidants or beneficial ingredients will degrade over time with exposure to air. Also, the price, for what you get is pretty ridiculous. If you are going to spend this amount of money you could definitely be getting something that won’t degrade over time.


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  1. Gale LC
    Gale LC 14 June, 2017, 21:24

    I've tried this with the deluxe sample and loved it but I just can't seem to get myself to spend 70 on it, but do you know any dupes for it?

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  2. Linda Curce
    Linda Curce 14 June, 2017, 21:24

    Hi. I've not used this BC of dry skin. But I have used the luminous dewy skin mist. I guess some people like it for a setting type of mist. It's nice but I don't use it as often as I probably should. The one I do use more frequently is the Tatcha overnight memory serum concentrate. I put this over my RetinA sometimes. It's very different in the consistency. Very moisturizing. Have a wonderful weekend.

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