The fashion designers who want to dress Melania Trump as first lady, and the ones who refuse to

The fashion designers who want to dress Melania Trump as first lady, and the ones who refuse to

Melania Trump, wife of US president-elect Donald Trump, has a tough sartorial act to follow in Michelle Obama.

The current first lady has dazzled at state dinners in dresses that were smart both in appearance and as political statements. She managed to connect with ordinary Americans in her J.Crew cardigans. Fashion designers were eager to dress her, and she helped build the careers of several young talents.

Whether designers will be equally eager to dress Melania Trump remains to be seen. She’s a former model who could make most designs look good, but many designers publicly rooted for Democrat Hillary Clinton as president. The fashion industry leans liberal and the president-elect’s comments and his choice of Mike Pence as vice president didn’t win him any fans in a woman-dominated, LGBT-friendly industry.

The situation has left designers torn on how to approach Melania. On one hand, she represents the venerable office of first lady; on the other, she is the wife of a man many vehemently disagree with.

Several designers have now told various outlets whether they will or won’t dress Melania, and the responses range from an enthusiastic “yes” to a disdainful “no”—and much in between.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the notable responses:
Enthusiastic “yes”

Tommy Hilfiger: “I think Melania is a very beautiful woman and I think any designer should be proud to dress her.” (WWD, paywall)
Yes, because I respect the office

Diane von Furstenberg: “Melania deserves the respect of any first lady before her.” (WWD)

Thom Browne: “Out of respect for the position of the first lady of our United States, I would be honored to be considered to design for any first lady of the United States.” (WWD)
The begrudging “yes”

Marcus Wainwright, Rag & Bone: “It would be hypocritical to say no to dressing a Trump. If we say we are about inclusivity and making American manufacturing great again, then we have to put that before personal political beliefs.” (New York Times, paywall)
Is that a “yes”?

Jeremy Scott, who has his own label and is creative director of Moschino: “I’m going to give Melania the benefit of the doubt…Obviously [Melania] looks great, but I can’t divorce it from who she is. I don’t know Melania. We don’t know Melania.” (Vanity Fair)

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  1. Karen Thompson
    Karen Thompson 9 April, 2017, 21:52

    She is beautiful lady who can make a dress look beautiful on her .

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  2. Elizabeth Lambert
    Elizabeth Lambert 9 April, 2017, 21:52

    Bet they're secretly glad they DON'T have to dress the HILL !

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  3. Monica Cavalli
    Monica Cavalli 9 April, 2017, 21:52

    melanie look very pretty

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