ZoBag June 2017 | Unboxing & Review | Summer Retreat | By Zotezo

ZoBag June 2017 | Unboxing & Review | Summer Retreat | By Zotezo

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ZoBag is your monthly beauty bag stocked with products to make you look and feel good. It lets you explore new products and brands. Every month you get 5-6 curated skin and hair products at a very affordable monthly subscription fee.

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Main ZOBAG ₹499/- +shipping ₹40

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  1. Apoorva rao
    Apoorva rao 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    in how many days u got this bag…

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  2. Harshita Sukhani
    Harshita Sukhani 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    The bag looks soooo cute… Loved d review…

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  3. amritkaur _amy
    amritkaur _amy 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    It has a lot of products. Best subscription box i know till now.

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  4. Simpi Datta
    Simpi Datta 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    amazing products👌👌👌👌

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  5. Deborah Miranda
    Deborah Miranda 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Love hearing about your personal experience about the products… gives true insights

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  6. anu 252004
    anu 252004 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    I am obsessed with every single video of you

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  7. Monica Clair Magnum
    Monica Clair Magnum 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    😃😃 Nice products. Thanx for sharing 😃😃

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  8. sonali khurana
    sonali khurana 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Your nail colour 😍

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  9. Reena Ranjan
    Reena Ranjan 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    I loved your nail colour

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  10. Ayesha Attar
    Ayesha Attar 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    wooow… this months bag seems good… by the way i am new to ur channel.. loved the review

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  11. Prayukti Giri
    Prayukti Giri 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Lovely products ☺️☺️

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  12. sk food lovers
    sk food lovers 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Bag seems 👍
    It's good to see when u keep us updated with different products

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  13. Anshu Sharma
    Anshu Sharma 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    nice products this month.. thanks for sharing 👍

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  14. Merriness
    Merriness 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    The bag looks very nice 🙂

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  15. Reshma Sharafudeen
    Reshma Sharafudeen 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    hey….gud review
    bt,i always wanted to ask u, y ur videos end abruptly in d midl?
    somtyms it feels lik,u wanted to tell mor bt d censor board has censored it…😂
    juz kidding…plss tak care f tht

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  16. manasi sahu
    manasi sahu 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    love this pretty pink bag 👌😍

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  17. Ananya Bose
    Ananya Bose 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    the mccaffine suncreen is good i got it in my go and say box for june even you should check out that box this months box is superb . i like this zoe bag produxts too review the mist please

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  18. Sonakshi Ranjan
    Sonakshi Ranjan 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    I loved this zo bag

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  19. Joshita JJ
    Joshita JJ 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Nice video Niranjana. ZoBag is definitely worth buying…

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    NEHA AGARWAL 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    sheet mask's MRP is 150 and how they can mention as 200? this is cheating the consumers..

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  21. SahiJeeth
    SahiJeeth 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Nice review dear!

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  22. Sreeja Nair
    Sreeja Nair 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Waoo..nice review…Biotique really works..I loved the products..

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  23. Dr shwetha
    Dr shwetha 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    I had seen Unboxin videos of June zobag on other channels but still I watched urs fully bcoz ur reviews are very very good👌👌😊😊 waiting for ur detailed reviews on instagram.. 🤗

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  24. Harika Meruva
    Harika Meruva 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    it is a very affordable subscription and would like a review of biotique tan removal scrub..

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  25. Reshma Parveen
    Reshma Parveen 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    zobags r really a very good option for gifting purpose… 👌

    Reply this comment
  26. Akshaiyaa Suren
    Akshaiyaa Suren 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    superb dear… I gonna get dis n gift to ma sissy… hope she love it… u r ma guru dear… before purchasing ll check ur channel then ll order day… Thnx for giving amazing reviews dr.. love u..

    Reply this comment
  27. Sharon S
    Sharon S 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Nyc products…. nd lik the cute bag….can u also do an unboxing of zobag @199….

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  28. Shravanthi S
    Shravanthi S 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    boutique scrub review please

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  29. Mallika Bhatt
    Mallika Bhatt 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    it was superb thanks niranjana for making such a good channel and introducing us to new world of skincare and much.
    in this channel we learn more and more I want you to do a meet and greet so that we can meet u
    love from this side

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  30. My lyf My rulzzz
    My lyf My rulzzz 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    waiting for my bag

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  31. nida fatima
    nida fatima 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Please make a review video of mc cafeen sunscreen and hydrate sheet mask

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  32. Pooja Harwani
    Pooja Harwani 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Hey! Thanks for the review. I was confused whether to buy this or not bt after seeing ur review i think i can give it a try.❤❤

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  33. an999999 9999
    an999999 9999 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    finally u got mcaffeine 😘😘😘😘

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  34. Tripti Sharma
    Tripti Sharma 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    can you do sheet masks haul/review? nice review and I loved the bag💕💕

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  35. payalabhishekjha
    payalabhishekjha 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    NYC products

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    PAYAL DAS 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    nice products..and ur review is fenominal.. ur really talented…. ocummmmmmmm..ND zobag rocks ..👍👍👍👍👍

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  37. fun & coverup
    fun & coverup 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    i like this month's bag too..all products are worth try and helpful. every product means every with bag..
    mcfn pump is so gorgeous

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  38. nitika mandal
    nitika mandal 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Nyc product

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  39. Beauty Gossip
    Beauty Gossip 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    i love biotique scrub😍

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  40. just4fun
    just4fun 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    This month's bag looks good. Decent pricing and new brands to try for. Thanks for review.

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  41. anjana's world
    anjana's world 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    do pls reward me box review

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  42. alia bhatt
    alia bhatt 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    lovely products i als love the boitique products i too love them ..,thnk u love

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  43. Sonam Mahapatra
    Sonam Mahapatra 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    watched it loved it….But forgot something….came back to leave a like n comment 👍💗

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  44. Vijayeta Chaudhry
    Vijayeta Chaudhry 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    Nice products 👌👌👌

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  45. Shivangi
    Shivangi 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    again great review.. please do the review for sheet mask… hearing so much about them… will be very helpful if you can share your views 😘😘😘

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  46. Dr Arpana Tripathi
    Dr Arpana Tripathi 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    There are so many subscribption bags these days I am very much confused which is best …I love makeup and jwellery but I am not that much into skin care and all plz suggest some
    Btw nice video

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  47. I do everything by own #Princess
    I do everything by own #Princess 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    ty for the info n links u have provided … surely to buy this subscription box for first Tim n try it …. 😍😍

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  48. Sufiya Khan
    Sufiya Khan 28 June, 2017, 21:06

    So nice…

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